Dr. Joann Donaldson, M.D.

Dr. Joann Donaldson has practiced at a number of clinics and has served as medical director of many integrative clinics. She is active in continuing education. She has included homeopathy and acupuncture as part of her integrative training. She has studied abroad and been awarded a degree in complementary medicine during her studies in Sri Lanka. Dr. Donaldson is an expert in the area of immunology and cancer, as well as anti-aging, weight loss and fatigue.

Dr. Joann Donaldson feels traditional medicine has only achieved limited progress to the management of chronic illness. The medical model needs to incorporate effective complimentary modalities into a more comprehensive medical approach. The future of medicine will involve this model as well as ongoing advances in the area of anti-aging and recognize that we must not just address sickness, but work to maintain wellness. Dr. Donaldson enjoys working at Progressive Medical in that they recognize the future of where medicine is going, and stay on the cutting-edge of health. This environment enables her to provide top quality care today in a model that is consistent with her belief system.