24 Minutes To Reduce Stress, Improve Sleep & More!

Well…. finally the summer heat has finally subsided and we can all enjoy the cool Georgia fall. What a great time of year! I want to encourage all of you get outside and walk. Walking can make all the difference in improving your health. I challenge all of you to start today, don’t wait! I have created a new walking routine… I call it the Progressive 8! Start off with a 3 minute leisurely warm up walk. At the 5 minute mark, start walking vigorously with your arms pumping for 45 seconds. Next, walk slowly for 1 minute and 30 seconds. Repeat this for 8 cycles and finally cool down for 3 minutes. (24 minutes total) Remember, go at your own pace and increase your intensity as you feel stronger. This will enhance your metabolism and increase your lung capacity! This research is from Dr Al Sears PACE routine, it confirmed that this type of interval training will; increase lung capacity, enhance your longevity gene, increase stress reduction, improve sleep and a general increase in your sense of well being. What else can you ask for?
Go out and give the Progressive 8 a try… as NIKE states….”Just do it!”
Dr. Agolli
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Written by Progressive Medical