Nearly 32 million people in the U.S. have food allergies. Are you one of them?

Food sensitivities, once extremely hard to diagnose, are now becoming better understood and treatable, thanks to highly advanced testing like our “Test Name Here.” Food sensitivity testing can tell you which specific foods you are reacting to so you can adjust your diet accordingly.

Testing Kit Details

What’s Measured

Measure your reactivity to 88 different foods using 4 independent types of reactions.  These 352 separate tests assess the degree of your food sensitivities and allergies and of inflammation you suffer from each tested food.
The P88-DIY tests each of the 88 foods for IgE, IgG, IgG4, and C3d reactions to assess the degree of reaction in each category.

IgE reactions are the allergic reactions that most people recognize as allergies. These reactions tend to be immediate and are the types of reactions that cause anaphylaxis- hives, swelling, itchiness, and the closing of airways. Each food is assessed for its severity of IgE response.

IgG reactions are slower allergic reactions that operate on a different pathway. These reactions tend to manifest 72 hours or more after consuming a food. IgG reactions can cause gut issues like diarrhea, bloating, abdominal discomfort, cramping, and general symptoms like fatigue and lack of energy. Unlike IgE reactions, you may not be able to trace these symptoms to a specific food without testing, because so much time passes between when you consume a food and the symptoms. Each food is assessed for its severity of IgG response.

IgG4 reactions are usually beneficial, although sometimes very high reactions can have their own problems. IgG4 is activated by the body to block the anaphylaxis that can occur from IgE reactions. If your IgG4 response is at a healthy level to a particular food, then it can block the immediately negative reactions to that food. If your IgG4 is low to a food, and the IgE reaction is high, you are likely at risk for more severe immediate reactions to that food. Rarer are very high IgG4 responses which can show an immune dysfunction. Each food is assessed for its level Of IgG4 reaction with guidance for which level is healthy.

C3d reactions demonstrate longer term reactions that have triggered inflammation in the gut, and perhaps in the rest of the body. C3d assessment shows that not only are you reacting to a food, but that reaction has a demonstrated inflammatory effect on YOU. Your GI symptoms might be more severe than with just an IgG reaction, and you may have generalized inflammation in other parts of the body. This inflammation may be chronic and can exhibit symptoms like brain fog and difficulty thinking clearly, fatigue, lack of energy, and effects on the immune system. Chronic inflammation from allergic reactions can risk autoimmune diseases and cause dysfunction in other organs. Each food is assessed for its role in inflammatory response demonstrated by C3d.

The Report

When your tests are completed, you’ll receive a comprehensive report that details your reactions to IgE, IgG, IgG4, and C3d for each of the 88 foods tested. This report is color coded to indicate whether there is any reaction to each food and how severe that reaction is. It also includes explanations, guidance, and details for constructing an elimination diet to begin removing the foods that affect you. Here is a sample report for you to check out:


The first step to feeling better is to identify the triggers that make you hurt in the first place.

We all eat a varied diet, rotating between various foods throughout the day, and throughout the week. Because we eat so many types of food, and because many allergies don’t manifest their symptoms for ½ a week or more, it may be almost impossible to pinpoint which foods are causing your gut problems. Only with accurate and comprehensive sensitivity and allergy testing can you identify which foods are causing YOU problems.

Removing those foods from the diet will produce results relatively quickly. If you have symptoms like bloating and gas, not only will you feel less pressure and pain, you may notice yourself looking trimmer as the distension of your abdomen decreases. If you have cramping or diarrhea, you will likely find yourself more regular, and without that urgency to rush to the bathroom at the most inconvenient times. Your pain and discomfort should decrease. If you have symptoms like constipation and slow movement of food through the gut, you should also become more regular and less likely to strain to have a normal bathroom experience.

It may be that you are experiencing symptoms that you don’t even realize are related to your food sensitivities and allergies. You may feel fatigued all of the time. You may have a general lack of energy and find it difficult to accomplish what you ought. You feel hazy and have brain fog and not feel as sharp as you once did. The culprit in each of these cases may be the chronic inflammation that can affect your entire body as the result of your food allergies. Inflammation from food allergies can impact every organ in your body, and can shorten your life. It is a silent killer. Identifying and removing foods that you are sensitive to can eliminate these causes of inflammation, improve your immune system, help your mental acuity and memory, and give you more energy to accomplish all of the things you’d like to accomplish- and hopefully help you stick around longer to accomplish them.

Who Should Test

This test is for the entire family!

Food sensitivities and allergies can start early and cause damage, pain, and suffering without realizing what the causes are. As we grow older, our ability to process certain foods may decrease over time, or because of our over reliance on particular foods. Identifying and taking these foods out of the diet will not only help us heal and prevent further damage, but will allow us to enjoy our favorite foods again at a later date after giving our bodies a break from them.

Our test kit allows you to easily draw your sample at home, and our proprietary micro-sampling device allows the most painless collection method currently in existence, making this test easy for the whole family.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take this test?

This test is for the whole family, even small children. It is recommended that your child be a year or more old to get the most accurate reading because a baby’s immune system may still be developing.

What does this test measure?

The test measures your reactivity and allergies to 88 different foods. These foods have been chosen to be broadly representative of most peoples’ diets. Four separate tests are run on these 88 foods, so together the test assesses 352 different reactions specific to YOU. These include tests for IgE reactions (the type of immediate allergic reaction that can cause an anaphylactic response, like trouble breathing, hives, swelling, and itchiness). Tests for IgG reactions (these are slower allergic reactions that may manifest themselves 72 hours or more after exposure and can cause gut symptoms, brain fog, and fatigue). Tests for IgG4 reactions (these reactions show the body’s ability to clock anaphylaxis. Healthy IgG4 reactions are good- they show which foods your body is likely to avoid the most serious inflammation from). Unlike most food allergy and sensitivity tests, the Precision Point Diagnostics P88-DIY Dietary Antigen Test also assesses C3d (C3d, also known as complement, is formed deep along the pathway to inflammation. Since this test ties C3d to each of the 88 foods tested, this means that if you test positive to one or more particular foods, you’ll know that those foods are causing inflammation throughout the body). Continuing to eat foods that cause a C3d reaction can lead to chronic inflammation not only of the gut, but of other organs as well and possibly trigger an autoimmune disease.

What is an allergic reaction?

The reason we test for four different components of your inflammatory response is to test for both sensitivity and for allergic reaction. Sensitivity might mean that your body doesn’t respond well to, or digest a food. It may cause a reaction, but not to the point of an allergic reaction. An allergic reaction as far as food is concerned is when your body identifies that food as an invader and your immune system attacks it, causing inflammation among other things.

How does this test compare to other allergy tests?

The P88-DIY Dietary Antigen Test stands alone as the gold standard of food sensitivity and allergy testing for three reasons. First, this is the only test available that measures IgE, IgG, IgG4, and C3d to track the causes and course of your inflammation and immune response. Second, our proprietary micro-sampling device is the most pain free blood collection device on the market. Its ultrathin needle and attached sponge quickly and almost painlessly collects the specimen needed at home, without having to visit a phlebotomist. The application card allows for a stable way to store and ship the test back to us with no refrigeration or overnight shipping. Third, our comprehensive report gives you the feedback you need to improve your health. Completely indexed, color coded with an easy to understand severity scale, and clear instructions in what to avoid and how to structure an elimination diet.

What guidance will I get with my results?

Our comprehensive but easy to understand report color codes your results into foods that are no problem, foods you need to monitor and limit, and foods to avoid. These results are individually grouped by type of test, and conveniently summarized. The report also explains each of the antigens tested, what that means for your health, and how to take action. Included also is all the information you need to launch your custom elimination diet. Extra options are also available to help you rethink your health, including consultations with our experts in nutrition, and a custom supplement plan to support your gut based on YOUR results.

How long will it take me to get my results?

After we receive your sample, it takes about 10 days to run your tests and generate your report and custom guides. At times of very high volume this can vary slightly. Since the test is stable on your collection card, and doesn’t require overnight shipping back to us, please factor in the time for us to receive your test as well.

What do I do next after receiving my report?

Now it’s time to start healing and feeling better! After receiving your results your next step is to embark upon an elimination diet. Elimination diets remove the foods that make you ill for a period of time, usually at least six months. You should see improvement in gut health, energy levels, clarity of thought, and general wellness. You’ll gradually start reintroducing foods that you’ve eliminated. Some foods that you challenge might now treat you well as your body has healed and no longer views that particular food as an intruder to attack. Other foods might cause a flare up of your symptoms- these foods will then be removed and stay out of your system longer. Fear not, though- even most of these foods are likely to be tolerated by your body if you give your system enough time to heal. After a year or so, depending on how many food allergies you’re facing, you might consider retaking the test to determine whether you are still showing reactions to certain foods you’d like to try and introduce again. Help is available in some of our packages with consultations with our experts and with help customizing a supplement protocol that’s right for you.

How do I schedule my consultation?

If you’ve opted for a package with a consultation, a link will be sent to you that will allow you to schedule a time to talk to one of our allergy, diet, and nutrition experts. If you’ve opted for a personalized supplement regimen, you’ll be contacted with that information as well. Simply choose the package that’s right for you- testing, testing + consultation, testing + consultation + customized supplement recommendations when you order.

Is this test safe and painless?

This test is completely safe, and the most painless finger-stick on the market. Our proprietary micro-needle collection device uses an extremely low-gauge needle attached to a sponge type wick that allows quick and ample collection of blood with much less pain and discomfort than a traditional needle-stick, making it suitable for the whole family.

Should I avoid any medications before testing?

Steroids should be discontinued 72 hours before testing as they might interfere with the results. Examples include triamcinolone, cortisone, prednisone, methylprednisolone. Ask your doctor if you aren’t sure if you are taking any steroids. No other medications need to be discontinued for this test.

What’s your HIPAA privacy policy?

Both Progressive Medical Center and Precision Point Diagnostics adhere to HIPPA compliant policies. Our secure portal is encrypted to protect your information. Rest assured that all information from your order to test results are protected.

How will I know when I’ve succeeded?

The first step to finding health is to identify what’s wrong now so you can fix it. Nothing empowers you to find a healthier you than knowledge. We offer you the tools to find the root causes of your gut issues, your fatigue, your mental haziness, and your lack of energy and to address these issues so that you can thrive in the days ahead. You’ll know that you are on the right track when you start to see decreased bloating and gas, become more regular, and find the energy to tackle and enjoy life. You can make this new you permanent by following our guides to a healthy gut. A healthy gut means a healthy brain, and a healthy body. Someday before you know it, you’ll feel great and even be able to eat many of your favorite foods again without regretting it in the days ahead.

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