Alzheimer’s Treatment

Progressive Medical Center has partnered with Muses Labs and adopted The MEND™ Protocol. The MEND Protocol brings together 30 years of scientific research and a team of highly respected Alzheimer’s researchers, Doctors, and advanced technology. The approach to age related cognitive decline, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease is based on a deep understanding of the molecular biology of the brain – and the bodily systems that support it. By combining medical expertise with technology, we work to identify the underlying causes of your cognitive decline, and then guide your doctor and support team in correctly treating them. The MEND Protocol identifies your optimal interventions, including FDA-approved medications, supplements, and lifestyle changes. The MEND Care Program™ then helps you follow your personalized treatment plan by providing you with the support and tools to set goals, measure changes, and celebrate accomplishments.

The Mend Protocol Process consists of 4 steps designed for your memory and a better quality of life:

Alzheimer's Protocal

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