Amp Up Your Exercise

[:en]Where are you with your resolution? Did you do the right thing? Increase your exercise, pull out those running shoes and go? You gave up the Christmas cookies for kale salad, you increased your physical activity, but you aren’t seeing it on the scale? Why?
Often the amount of exercise that is tauted in weight loss studies is an hour and a half a day to two hours. That is an amount of time that most of us just don’t have in our day, no matter how you slice it. Even if you were to give up sleep, that still wouldn’t suffice, because lack of sleep will create more fat storage and decrease the opportunity to build more lean muscle mass.
While you can’t put more time in the day, you can super charge your work out. If you can’t add more time, make it more effective. We can use nutrition to turn on the pathways that come on when you exercise and super charge what you are doing. We can use nature to augment what our body should be doing. Don’t give up hope. Don’t put those sneakers away.
Listen to how to supercharge your metabolism, biochemistry and work out to maximize what you can do to gain your goal of weight loss![:]

Written by Progressive Medical