Have You Ever Taken An Antibiotic?

99% of you should have said yes.

If so, you killed off A LOT of necessary bacteria in your gut.

This bacteria controls 80% of your immune system and hormones. Hormone imbalance can cause everything from depression to joint pain to impotence.

If you think taking probiotics alone will reverse the effects of antibiotics, you are surely mistaken.

It’s like sprinkling grass seeds on the weeds.

When the good bacteria is killed off, yeast and negative microbes will quickly start to grow in your GI tract. Without the proper treatment, you will never heal your chronic ailments nor obtain optimum health. This can be exacerbated by poor diet, smoking, diet colas, and gluten.

Progressive Medical Center will identify what bacteria is missing from your gut and supplement your body to grow back what it needs to function.

Through extensive testing, diagnostic tools, and years of experience, we will heal your gut from all the damage done by antibiotics.

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