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Treating PTSD… Better

In today’s world, we see an increase in stress across the board. The amount of anxiety disorders is on the rise amongst the general population. Over 70% of primary care physician visits are driven by stress-related conditions. The good news is, there are wonderful natural […]

Fatigue: Fighting Back

Do you ever feel like it’s difficult to get through the day? Is it common for you to experience a sense of tiredness, struggle to regain energy, or hit a wall in the afternoon? Did you used to have more energy than you have now? […]

Summer Detox Salad

With the heat outdoors turned up, our bodies often want to lean down and feel lighter. This specialty salad is designed to give your body so many amazing micronutrients as well as help your body clean out and detox any bad stuff stuck in your […]

Summer Cucumber Salad

Summer has arrived! The sun in shining, the weather is warm, and our appetites are peaked for healthy, refreshing, fresh produce dishes! The wonderful certified nutritionists and dietitians at Progressive share with you one of their favorite summer salads, complete with fresh cucumbers, basil, and […]