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Sometimes, your body just doesn’t seem right. You’ve searched and searched, but can’t seem to pinpoint exactly what’s causing the problems. We bring balance back to people’s lives every day. Oftentimes, Bioidentical Hormones can provide the stabilizing relief you need.

Bioidentical Hormones are, in essence, the hormones produced by your own body. They seamlessly integrate with your system to restore you to hormonal balance.

We combine Bioidentical Hormones with our proven lab-testing process, giving you a full health profile. This allows us to create an individualized treatment plan with every patient.

To get you in balance, we take the time to work through a 3 step process:
We examine your lab results, formulate a Bioidentical Hormone treatment plan, and follow-up to see your progress.

BONUS INFORMATION Bioidentical hormones are thought to be safer than synthetic hormones and carry two practical advantages:

  1. They can be matched to the patients individual needs as opposed to the one dose fits all approach of synthetic hormone treatment
  2. They are more easily metabolized which is thought to minimize side effects

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What are the next steps?

The next step to finding solutions and correcting hormonal imbalance is to contact Progressive Medical Center to schedule an appointment today for a full work-up by one of our qualified practitioners to determine if bioidentical hormones are right for you!

Let our staff of physicians help you on the road to recovery! For more information or to schedule an appointment in Atlanta, call 770-676-6000.

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