Beauty From the Inside Out

LaVon Marrow has a long term career focusing on helping people discover their beauty by igniting their health. She is a firm believer that beauty comes from within, and that health is the way to build true beauty. Now, with over 12 strong years of building a career in the cosmetology and beauty industry, LaVon’s desire for “total health and wellness” for her clients prompted her to transition into Trichology. In the quest to provide “optimal hair care”, she went a step further and became a Certified Trichologist through the International Association of Trichologists. This specialized training enables her to provide comprehensive consultations and treatments during the early stages of hair thinning and hair loss, as well as treatments for scalp disorders. She is one of the few practitioners in the United States that has obtained this certification. With this training and her expertise, she educates local stylists in the metropolitan area and empowers them to become the “first line of defense” for hair and scalp disorders. LaVon is also a member of the American Cancer Society’s “Look Good, Feel Better” program. Tonight’s show will focus on how nutrition and better health can result in a better you.