Cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in the country. However, a decrease death rate from heart disease has not been rapid in coming. Current medications may even be making the problem worse. A recent study on a common cardiovascular medication which lowers cholesterol has been found to increase death in the elderly. Even though the number one recommendation for heart disease by the American Medical Association is diet and exercise, few of us have had a conversation about food and what to eat with our doctor when dealing with heart disease. After diet and exercise, a vitamin, known as Niacin is the number treatment. However, again, few of us have been encouraged to pursue this combination of nutrients and exercise for a more fit cardiovascular system. Tonight’s show we focus on evidenced-based treatments that improve cardiovascular outcomes without the same profile of side effects. Prevention of cardiovascular disease is possible when we track the right markers and give the right treatment for each individual. Listen to our show here every Monday night at 6pm!