Conditions Treated at Progressive Medical Center Include:

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    Allergies Anti-Aging Anxiety Disorders Arthritis and Rheumatoid Disorders Asthma Autism Back Pain Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Cancer Candidiasis Chronic Fatigue Chronic Pain Colds and Flu Constipation Depression Diabetes and Hypoglycemia Digestive Disorders Fibromyalgia Fungal Infections Gall Bladder Disorders Gastrointestinal Disorders
    Gout Hair Loss Headaches Heart - Cardiovascular Disease Heavy Metal Toxicity Hepatitis Herpes Hypertension - High Blood Pressure Immune dysfunction Infections Inflammation Lupus Macular Degeneration Memory - Cognitive Problems Menopause Multiple Sclerosis Men's General Health Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Obesity - Weight Management Osteoporosis Parasites
    Parkinson's Disease Pediatrics Psoriasis Premenstrual Syndrome PMS Prevention of Chronic Illness Respiratory Diseases Sexual Health Sleep Disorders Skin Disorders Sports Injuries Stomach - Intestinal Problems Stress Disorders Stroke Recovery and Prevention Surgical Recovery and Preparation Tendonitis Thyroid Disorders Urinary Problems Viral Infections Vision Women's General Health