Constant Pain & Chronic Fatigue Aren’t Normal!

You wouldn’t advise someone to ignore their credit score. So why do we ignore the true nature of our health? In the same way that Equifax tells you the full story of your credit, we have 20 years of experience finding the full story of your health.
The truth is chronic pain and fatigue have many causes. The only way to know which one is causing your pain or fatigue is to spend time getting to know your biology. Using thorough testing, we create a completely individualized treatment that directly responds to your body.

At Progressive Medical Center, we practice some of the most valuable medicine in the world, medicine that doesn’t simply give you a pill, but treatment that looks at everything you are.

We investigate your whole body, mind, and medical history to see what makes it tick. We spend more time with you in your first visit than many doctors ever will, period. We observe, we test, and your treatment will reflect all that makes you you.

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We truly want to get to the root cause of your problems. Let’s get down to the real you.

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