Flu vaccines offer the same odds as a toss of a coin whether or not it will help

Flu vaccines are not without side effects and their efficacy, as reported by the CDC is about 50%. In otherwords, it is the same odds as a toss of a coin whether or not it will help, and everytme we get a vaccine it increases our chance of allergies and auto-immune conditions. Additionally, there are often as many as four different viruses we are vaccinated against at once. This makes it harder for the immune system to respond appropriatly as it is so overwhelmed.
There are other healthy ways to prepare one’s sytem to be resistant against colds and flus! Learn about your immune system and what you can do to improve your own walls of defense. Learn about exciting research with things like Zinc, Vitamin C, mushrooms and immunoglobulins. You kitchen pantry has many possible answers to colds and flus, from garlic, to thyme to oregano. A boost to your immune system is easier than you think. Reinforce and build your natural defenses without risks and side effects. Make your food your medicine and stay well this cold and flu system!

Written by Progressive Medical