Food Sensitivity Testing

Are you dealing with issues in your body that seem to have no source or reason? Maybe you shouldn’t be looking inward. You should be looking downward… at your plate.


Why Test for Food Sensitivities?

The food we put in our bodies has a profound effect on how we operate on a daily basis. The immune system is your body’s way of letting you know that you may be intolerant or sensitive to certain foods. A reaction to food is an abnormal response in your gut that can occur for different reasons. Sometimes there may not be enough enzymes to digest certain foods. Other times, the immune system creates antibodies to proteins in specific foods. When the immune system reacts to a food in this way, it can lead to inflammation and irritation of the intestine (yikes). Food allergies or sensitivity can result in life-threatening reactions or milder symptoms such as diarrhea, gas or bloating (YIKES).

Progressive Medical Center uses Advanced Diagnostics to classify allergic reactions are classified into four types. The most obvious are food allergies we have an immediate reaction to- pineapple, peanuts, or other foods that cause immediate swelling or shortness of breath. But did you know there are three other types of food allergies?

The other three food allergy profiles detect Type II/III responses, which are associated with a delayed allergic response. Our food allergy test is highly-unique and highly-advanced in that the test detects all classes of these delayed responses (IgG and IgG-C3d immune complexes) for a higher sensitivity readings & therefore better recommendations for your dietary benefit.

For more detail on the three: the delayed response is mediated by what is called “an IgG response” and immune complexes. Within this immune complex, the complement component 3 (C3) is converted into C3d, which is an activator of the complement cascade.

What Does the Test Tell Me?

Your doctor may use the Food Sensitivities Profile to report on the degree of immune sensitivity severity to each specific food, preservative or additive. Our test has been developed by one of the original immunologists who worked on the polio vaccination. He is an expert in complement, and he noted that complement amplified is even necessary to trigger an allergic reaction, or more specifically a histaminergic reaction.

If you have food sensitivity symptoms such as diarrhea, gas, bloating, fatigue, constipation, or hives, then your doctor is looking to pinpoint which specific foods, preservatives, or additives may be causing them by running the Food Sensitivities Profile. Here are just a few of the foods we test for in our food sensitivity test:

• Wheat
• Dairy
• Soy
• Egg
• Polysorbate 80
• Red#2, #3, #40
• Yellow #6
• Aspartame
• Saccharin



What Makes this Test More Advanced?

Our patented test has been published in medical literature in a number of trials. Our test is more sensitive, because it not only measures IgG subtypes (all four) but also C3d, a complement antigen that activates alternative complement cascade which is one more way people can react to foods.

Symptoms associated with food sensitivities:

• Diarrhea or soft stool
• Constipation
• Gas or bloating
• Poor absorption of valuable vitamins and minerals
• Gastro esophageal reflux
• Hives, rash, eczema, or edema
• Joint pain and inflammation
• Headache or migraine
• Decreased immune function
• Fatigue/Poor sleep



Bottom Line: Find Out Which Foods to Avoid and You Will Feel Better!

With food sensitivity testing from Progressive Medical Center, we will be able to clearly identify which foods give you trouble, and in turn, restore your quality of life by helping you to avoid these foods.

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Caleb’s Story: A Private Health Journey

Read an abridged version in the Living & Arts section in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

At 22, I was helping a stranded motorist on the side of the road and was hit by a drunk driver. My leg was severed just below the knee.  You may think my story is specifically about the amputation, but it is not.

Caleb 2

My traditional doctors prescribed nerve pain medication and other traditional medicine.  The medicine wasn’t working. In fact my pain was getting worse and my wound was not healing. I was running the risk of needing more of my leg amputated.

When I found Progressive Medical Center, I was in a wheelchair because the pain made it unbearable to walk. Progressive’s doctors ran a lot of tests that the other doctors had not, including food sensitivity, saliva, and stool (ooh, gross, but it works) tests. They determined that my system was sensitive to 30 food items including  sugar, gluten, and dairy. In addition, they found I was eating WAY too much salt!

This was the silver lining of my accident.  My body became hyper sensitive to the things I was putting in it, and it was trying to let me know.  Now that I understood what it was telling me, I was motivated to make lifestyle changes that I probably never would have. When we’re young, our bodies can handle and tolerate a lot of the unhealthy things that we subject it to, which costs us later in life. Making these changes immediately helped my wound to heal and make the pain go away.  Potentially even more important, I am living a healthier lifestyle and will live a longer, higher quality life.

Progressive feels like you’re a part of a family. Each practitioner on my team walked me through the process step-by-step, letting me know how my body would change as I implemented this new plan. They explained to me that salt supercharges your nerves, which was the key factor in the pain I was feeling.

Caleb 4

After removing the salt and the other products from my diet (as well as the previously prescribed pain medication), I felt immediate improvement in my ability to function. By avoiding the foods that inflamed my system, with chiropractic and the hyperbaric oxygen tent,  I’m able to walk pain-free. Without this plan, I’d likely still be writhing in pain in a wheelchair.

Now, believe it or not, I am a personal trainer and in the best fitness of my life!  I have put on 40 pounds of pure muscle and feel great.  It gives me great joy to help others to train their bodies.  I also coach them on what they are eating and able to absorb, because “You are what you are able to absorb and not just what you eat.”

Thanks, Progressive for teaching me, and giving me the tools to teach others.

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