Ilan Irie, CHH

In 1984 Ilan Irie, living in Atlanta, began a series of colonics to obtain optimum health. Years of natural food, supplementation and fasting increased his health considerably, yet he still felt unbalanced. The practice of inner cleansing was the key he was looking for to increase his well being. Ilan graduated from Dotola Institute receiving a degree for Colon Hydrotherapy Hygienist. He is also a National Board Certified Reflexologist, and has performed over 6,000 colonic procedures during his 35 years of practice and has developed specific massage techniques that greatly enhance the effectiveness of the colonic procedure.

Ilan utilizes a gravity fed, continual flow system with disposables and filtered water that is purified with ultraviolet light. Two important procedures are incorporated into each colonic session. First, beginning each session with reflexology as recommended by Dr. Norman Walker, author of Colon Health: The Key To A Vibrant Life. Second, by ending each session with intestinal flora, and with a daily dose given to the patient for the following morning. An average session lasts 1.5 hours, involving consultation,reflexology, 40 minute colonic, and intestinal flora taken orally.