Its Not Just Your Swimsuit, Its Your Life!

[:en]Many of us think a little weight gain is no big deal. However current research shows us in large prospective study of more than 20 000 people has shown that body-mass index (BMI) and waist circumference (WC)–accurately measured by trained staff–were equally predictive of cardiovascular disease events and mortality over 10 years.
The researchers also found a stronger association between obesity/overweight and both fatal and nonfatal cardiovascular disease than has previously been seen. In addition to the research on cardiovascular disease weight gain is associated with diabetes and metabolic syndrome, and epidemic that is growing throughout our country.
Also, it turns out that weight gain can cause your brain to shrink and contributes to dementia and Alzheimer’s. Weight is a huge risk factor for most chronic conditions out there. To write off weight to be merely a look in a swim suit is wrong. It is one of the strongest predictors for health out there. It tells us about our biochemistry slowing down and our risk of health disease shifting.
Do not neglect what your body is telling you! There are more answers than you realize and they are right inside of you![:]

Written by Progressive Medical