Do You Think You’re Suffering From Low T?

There are a lot of men out there suffering from Low Testosterone. In fact, testosterone levels naturally lower over time for even the healthiest of men at a rate of 2% every year. But some of us have reached a point where we are already starting to feel the effects. The common symptoms include weight gain, fatigue, balding, and even the dreaded erectile dysfunction and low sex drive. All of these things affect not only you, but your family as well.

What Can You Do About It?

Progressive Medical Center is here to help. When you come in, we will look at all aspects of your health from testosterone levels to liver and thyroid function to even cognitive brain function. We will identify your food sensitives and levels of stress. ALL of these issues are contributing to your Low T.

But the best thing we can do for you is balance your hormones with BHRT. Bioidentical Hormone Therapy (or BHRT) is a one treatment where we insert a pellet in a simple procedure. There are many hormone replacement therapies but BHRT is the only therapy that actually mimics your natural hormones. Your body will recognize them as natural hormones, not synthetic, and work with them to restore your body. Within a few weeks you can be back to game-shape, being a weekend warrior, and having private time with the Mrs.

You can learn more on our BioIdentical Hormone page.

How Does Progressive Medical Treat You?

We will do a comprehensive lab workup to identify why your body is having trouble with low levels of testosterone. We will get you on a diet that avoids your food sensitivities, supplements to boost vitamin levels, and most importantly, get you using our pain relieving and muscle stimulating treatments in our Physical Medicine Department. We also have a chiropractor, acupuncturist, and IV experts right on site.

Take the time to read all about what we can do on our website and give us a call anytime at 770-676-6000. We are looking forward to treating to.

When you call, tell us Chris Dimino sent you and you’ll get a free session in our hyperbaric oxygen chamber, sauna, or matrix electrotherapy machine.