Progressive Medical Center has natural solutions for you that can redirect your metabolism, reboot insulin and sugar processing, help you lose weight, and reverse your diabetes or stop you from getting it. This can put you on track for a long, healthy diabetes free life.

Natural Solutions that You Should Know About

There are natural solutions to diabetes and prediabetes. Because these are metabolic diseases, you need doctors who have a specialized knowledge of how the body works, how to redirect the metabolism, and how to reboot insulin and sugar processing. Integrative medical doctors at Progressive Medical Center have demonstrated success in halting, reversing, and repairing the metabolism in people who have diabetes and prediabetes.

Doctors at Progressive Medical Center use the following treatments to slow-down, stop, or reverse diabetes and prediabetes:

There are other root causes of diabetes or prediabetes that can hold you back, even when you follow a good diet and exercise program. We use specialized testing to look at your metabolism, cardiovascular system, and your internal biochemistry. If these areas are overlooked by your other doctors, then you may not get the improvements that you deserve.

At Progressive Medical Center, we use specialized tests to measure:

Diabetes is a metabolic disease. That’s why advice from your conventional doctor –eat less, exercise more, don’t eat sugar- may not always work. To get results, your doctors need to address the underlying causes of your condition, not just the symptoms. We don’t want you to struggle and feel frustrated, taking prescription medications for life, and not getting real results. Let us build a customized program just for you, based on your unique metabolism.

Diabetes and prediabetes are preventable diseases.

Contact Progressive Medical Center if you want to get serious about addressing the root cause of your diabetes. We have natural solutions for you that can retrain your metabolism, help you lose weight, and put you on track for a long, healthy life.