You Don’t Have To Live On Opiods Anymore

Many of us spend our lives living with the agony of pain. We have been given opiods, for pain management or after surgery. We have felt trapped in a cycle of pain and addiction without a light at the end of the tunnel. You’ve been told the only relief you’ll ever get is with strong prescription opiods. Now, because of your injury, accident, or ailment, you are an addict.

Progressive Medical Center has the tools to change that. Our NAD IVs can cut through the teeth of addiction and reprogram your brain to simply not crave your medication anymore. The receptors in your brain will turn off to opiods and you will no longer be an addict. It’s NAD. A new breakthrough in addiction and restorative medicine that can fix you.

It does NOT have to be “just the way life is.” At Progressive Medical Center, we have a team of practitioners that not only will focus on your addiction, BUT also on fixing the root cause of your pain. Our Pain Staff works with both chronic and acute pain. We want to help you be able to live without the torture. We want to help you live without the addictive and draining narcotics. And we want to you have the opportunity to get your life back in order.

What Does Progressive Medical Center Have To Offer?

Progressive Medical has an entire facility centered around restoring the body to its optimal state. We know that many instances of pain can be reversed with an understanding of the inflammation and hormone imbalances of the body. For this type of pain, we will do extensive lab testing to uncover the sources of inflammation and weak points in your system. We can give IVs, supplement protocols, diet recommendations, access to cryotherapy and infrared suana,  and The Important Part: Pain Relief. We have an entire Physical Medicine Department to fix pain issues: PEMF machines, GB-4000s, Lymph System stimulating devices, pain relieving injections called Prolozone, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, and chiropractic care.

For extreme cases, we even offer Platelet Rich Plasma (using the body’s own blood cells to heal damaged areas) and STEM CELLS. Stem Cells, derived from umbilical cords, are non-designated cells that can replace numerous cells throughout the body to heal troubled areas.

For those struggling with addiction to opiods, you must come see us about our NAD IVs. This intravenous therapy can kill all physical and mental cravings of any drug in 10 treatments. You had real pain and needed that medication. But now the pain is gone but you can’t give up your opiods. This does not have to control you. And if you’re still in pain and don’t know how to live without them, we can help rid you of the pain so you rest assured you’re not choosing between pain or addiction.

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