Treating the root cause while relieving irritating symptoms is the goal of Progressive’s Allergy Immunotherapy Program.

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Are You One of the 40 Million Pollen Sufferers?

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America estimates roughly 40 million Americans are allergic to pollen. Many are experiencing unexplained fatigue and chronic infections they never attribute to inflammation caused by allergic reactions. The bottom line is unless you’re certain you’re body doesn’t have the slightest reaction to any pollen, approach this year with a desire to minimize the impact Springs’s fresh yellow air is having on you.

First, start by targeting the primary issues that dictates the severity of symptoms.

Your Digestive and Immune System: The Keys to Reducing Allergy Inflammation Naturally

As a disclaimer there’s a time and a place for the use of a pharmaceutical approach but the majority of people experience unwanted side effects along with the compounded influence of toxicity on the body. The wisest approach should be to naturally influence inflammation (the source of reactions) and strengthening 2 key systems in our bodies – the digestive and the immune system.

First of all, an allergic reaction is mitigated by the humoral immune system which is our front line of defense against infection. Our humoral reactions produce antibodies to fight infections and inflammatory processes to generate mucus. This is normally reserved for helping us starve off infections but in the case of allergic reactions it occurs when we’re exposed to harmless substances our bodies mistake for an antigen. When our digestive systems are inflamed by hidden food sensitivities, yeast, parasites, and bad bacteria then our reactions become more heightened and easily escalate.

This is why it is so important to avoid the foods that ignite inflammation and additionally why you should inquire about Progressive Medical Center’s delayed food sensitivity IgG testing to pinpoint your individual needs. Key foods known to aggravate in a preponderance of people are dairy, wheat (gluten), corn, soy, and eggs. Additionally as you eliminate your food sensitivities you’ll benefit tremendously from overall detoxification. Start with our 7 day Core Restore Detox Kit and then continuing with a month of Foundation Gut Enhancement.

Detoxification works best when done with enough regularity (3-4x a year) to keep the body from over-accumulating toxins and maintaining optimal function. Strong immune systems fight disease and keep us well, but the weaker our immune systems make us susceptible to illnesses and the more hyper-vigilant your responses to allergens become.

Building a robust immune system is difficult when we’re not getting enough rest, our stress levels are too high, and we’re not exercising. First and foremost we have to focus on improving these areas but simultaneously we need to kick start our approach from the gut outward.

Key Supplements for Treating Seasonal Allergies

Researchers from Harvard Medical School have found a key relationship between probiotics (friendly bacteria) in the gut and their influence on the development of the immune system, specifically increasing the numbers of certain T cells. We now know that actually “70 percent of the cells that make up the body’s immune system are found in the wall of the gut” and probiotics like Probiotic Complete, Probiotic Plus, and PRObiotic 225 help foster beneficial levels. Increasing our immune function also requires healthy supplementation of vitamin C. Many people are surprised to learn how effective vitamin C supplementation is due to its ability to support optimal histamine levels. Generally speaking the Progressive Nutracare Store has a two key products to help calm histamine responses: Bio En’R-G’y C is a profound breakthrough in supplementation as it does not irritate the digestive system which can allow for more therapeutic higher dosage levels. Natural Sinus Support contains a broad spectrum of natural anti-inflammatories and histamine soothers and has been our #1 selling products for allergy support product for the past 5 years. You can also take extra NAC (N- Actyl-Cysteine) a natural amino acid derivative of L-Cysteine to help support the break down mucous.

Fight Pollen Allergy Inflammation by Staying Hydrated

Lastly, and of tremendous importance – stay hydrated. In Water: for Health, for Healing, for Life, author Dr. Batmanghelidj writes: “Histamine is an important neurotransmitter that primarily regulates thirst mechanism for increased water intake. It also establishes a system of water rationing for the available water in the drought-stricken body.” When the body is dehydrated, histamine production increases significantly and histamine’s primary job is to make sure that the available water in the body is preserved strictly for the most vital functions. Our drought management system in the body also creates processes that affect numerous functions like the suppression of antibody production, a major part of preventing allergies.

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