The Progressive Method

Much more than a checkup, it’s a health conversation, designed specifically for you. Finally, you can understand your health and have a real plan to reach your health goals. 

Over 80% of our patients come here after other medical providers have failed them… and they find solutions with Progressive

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Comprehensive Personal Profile

Taking a Whole-Person approach to Wellness

Advanced Diagnostics

Testing for over 1000 biomarkers of Health

Comprehensive Solutions

Better treatments so You can Feel Better Faster

The Transformative Power of Integrative Medicine

The Best of Traditional Medicine

The Best of Natural Medicine 

Integrative Medicine: A New Standard of modern medicine

“I’ve never felt better nor understood my body better and I’m confident in both short term and long term that I will continue to achieve optimal health with Progressive Medical Center.”

Michael D
Orlando, FL

Your Progressive Health Journey

A tested process that works.

Through years of experience and extensive research, we have created and refined one of the most comprehensive integrative medical centers in the world.  Our process has been able to help thousands of people regain their health. It can help you too.

The Process

Create your Personal Profile
Visit 1: Meet your Doctor
Advanced Testing
Visit 2: Meet your N.D. & Dietitian
Visit 3: Your Personalized Health Plan
Therapies & Health Treatments
Feel Happy & Healthy


A whole-person approach to health

Beyond the standard questions, we ask you to build the most comprehensive insights into your health yet.

Why are we interested in if you have a puppy, how much time you spend outdoors, what causes you stress, where you travel, and if you like cheese? We know they can all contribute to your health and quality of life.

Beyond the standard questions, we look into things like…
To be comprehensive, we are also interested in other health-related topics like…
  • Medical History
  • Genetics & Epigenetics
  • Mental Health
  • Physical Exam
  • Diet
  • Digestion
  • Exercise Habits
Symptoms & Conditions that may be ailing you


We test for over 1,000 biomarkers of health

We are experts in treating chronic conditions, pain management, and “those things other doctors don’t seem to be able to solve.” 

Detailed Advanced Diagnostic Tests
Some Advanced Tests offered at Progressive
  • Diet & Nutritional levels
  • Hormone levels
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Metabolic panel
  • Thyroid and Adrenal panel
  • Food sensitivities
  • SIBO & H. Pylori testing
  • Gut inflammation
  • “Leaky Gut”
  • and so many more…
More detailed Advanced diagnostics
Call with questions


Feel Better Faster

Through years of experience and extensive research, we have created one of the most comprehensive non-invasive treatment centers in the world. With natural therapies ranging from Nutrition to Infrared Sauna to IV therapies, we offer the best custom solutions for your health
Specialty Therapies & Treatments

Our Doctors Spend More Time with You

The Progressive Process has been proven and refined over 20 years. It works. You’ll meet your doctor and health team, get a custom detox plan to reset your body, receive a personalized health plan, and gain a support team 
Meet Our Doctors
talk with us

Your Health Visits

1st Visit: Meet your Doctor

On your first visit to Progressive, you will meet your Doctor and Medical Team. 

They will review with you the Personal Health Profile you created, in addition to gathering information about your symptoms and health goals. Our team asks unique questions to get to the root of your condition, so you may hear questions like “How much time a day are you outdoors?” or “Tell me about the family pets.” These all help us get to better answers for you!

There is a routine physical exam where the practitioner listens to the heart, lungs, and tests abdominal tenderness. Also, some preliminary tests may be conducted and reviewed during your first appointment.

Based on your through Personal Health History and the exam, your Medical Team will recommend next steps and which custom diagnostic tests are right for you.

2nd Visit: Meet your Naturopathic Doctor & Dietitian

On your second visit, one week after your first, you will meet your Naturopathic Doctor and your Registered Dietitian. 

Your Naturopathic Doctor will review your initial test results with you. They will also create your first treatment protocol- a Customized Detoxification. The practitioner will plan what type of dietary and nutritional supplements may most benefit your individual case. Then, your Dietitian will provide you a customized, personal plan for enhanced nutrition to reset and rebalance your body.

At your 2nd visit, we may also conduct any fasting labs or studies. 

3rd Visit: Your Custom Health Plan

On your third visit, you will receive your polished Custom Health Plan. Your medical team will tailor your plan to your individual health needs, based on all your advanced testing results. Your treatment plan is specifically targeted for your needs, monitoring your progress, fine-tuning your diet, and doing recommend treatments and therapies for maximum results. The medical team will also review your health status, progress of  your detox and nutritional plans, and any other questions and concerns you have in this third visit.

We suggest the third visit at four weeks after your second visit, to provide enough time to get all test results back. In your health journey, you will always have access to and guidance from your practitioner. We are here to support you in a lifelong journey of optimal health!

Future Visits

Beyond the third visit: Every person is unique, and so too will be your medical visit schedule! We typically advise visits every two to three months for the first year with Progressive. Then every three to six months thereafter. Your medical team can help you decide what is right for you.

Your First Visit: Meet your Doctor

Second Visit: Meet your Naturopathic Doctor & Registered Dietitian

Third Visit: Your Custom Health Plan

Call to Book your First appointment


Progressive combines the best of both traditional medicine (M.D.’s) and natural medicine. Why? Traditional medicine excels at treating acute diseases. Natural medicine has an advantage in treating chronic diseases and preventing illness from happening.

Most traditional doctors aren’t trained to do natural medicine, so it is often overlooked in most of today’s medicine. But we know from scientific data that natural medicine can be even more effective at times!

With more in-depth personal profiles, more advanced testing, more time with the doctor & medical team, and more advanced therapies & treatments to help you along your health journey, we firmly believe that Progressive brings you THE BEST MEDICINE. 

What is included in the first visit?

Your first visit includes more time with your doctor & medical team. We allocate 90 minutes for your visit so we can spend time getting to know you.

In addition, the visit includes basic vitals, a physical exam, an urinalysis & iodine test, and more in-depth investigation of relevant health concerns.

What is included in the second visit?

Your second visit includes more time with your Naturopathic Doctor, Registered Dietitian, and medical team. It includes a Custom Detox Protocol for you, with recommended supplements and dietary changes to help reset and ready your body.

In addition to the visit, other services are included after your second visit: 4 infrared sauna sessions, a chiropractic adjustment, an upper-cervical x-ray, and 4 biomat inflammation reduction sessions.

Do you take insurance?

Yes, we do. Please call 770.676.6000 to clarify what your particular insurance will cover.  Typically we will accept Cigna Insurance and BCBS PPO insurance.  Other types of insurance may cover portions of your testing as well. 

Can I finance this?

Yes, you can. We always want to make THE BEST HEALTHCARE available to as many people as we can. To do so, we have found you a wonderful financing company who has agreed to provide medical financing to our patients without a credit check. Further, they require only 10% up front and will allow you to choose how long you’d like to take to pay off the remainder. Please call us at 770.676.6000 for more details.

Is testing included?

Your doctor will work with you to develop customized testing orders specific to your health needs. In addition, we are sure to take into account your personal preferences for testing. For many, insurance may cover the cost of your testing. Please call us at 770.676.6000 to confirm your specific insurance details, or discuss them in person with our Patient Testing Coordinator when you are in the office. If your insurance doesn’t cover the costs of testing, those will be the patient’s responsiblity. We do offer financing if this is a concern for those wanting to continue on their health journey. Specialty tests will always be discussed with you the patient before they are processed, to be sure you have a full understanding of them. 

What conditions do you treat?

We are experts in treating chronic conditions, pain management, and “those things other doctors don’t seem to be able to solve.” Over 80% of our patients come to us after other medical visits have provided them sub-par solutions… and they find solutions with Progressive. 

For a detailed conditions list, call us at 770.676.6000 or visit our “Conditions Treated” page

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