Testimonials: Reviews from Real Progressive Medical Patients

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Kid-Friendly, Bring Your Child For Pediatric Care

I like how Dr. Siciliano makes teenagers like me feel comfortable.

Sierra Gordon

“Very Nice… Always Honest”

Dr. Siciliano is very nice and always honest.  His primary interest is my health and will consult with others to make sure I am getting what I need to improve my complex health issues.

Aspen Gordon

“Skilled… A Host of Approaches”

I appreciate Dr. Siciliano’s skill with a host of complementary health approaches including applied kinesiology with nutritional testing, cranial manipulation, and acupressure.  He has been exceedingly helpful in improving my health and the health of my children.

Deb Gust

Thank you for listening to your calling!

From the first day that I met Dr. Arnold and Andrea, I was impressed. They genuinely care about our well-being in health and life. Andrea answeres my many questions with patience & know-how. They are flexible with scheduling. After the first very thorough evaluation and adjustment, Dr. Arnold was sweating because she worked so hard to give us relief from our many aches and pains. She is the first chiropractor that has taken a picture of my posture and explained to me the biomechanical reasons for my chronic pain. My hop has not hurt since her first adjustment. Instead of just providing relief care, she gave us exercises and many suggestions about what we could change in our lifestyle and bedding to be truly well. Her magic hands and heart full of compassion have made such a difference in our lives. They high intelligence and excellence in service we have received here is priceless. Thank you for listening to your calling!
~ Richard & Abigail Gonzalez


Dr. Melissa Arnold has been absolutely amazing in getting my body in alignment after the harsh wear and tear it endures on a daily basis. As a professional stuntwoman in the film industry, I put my body through all kinds of crazy scenarios and I am left limping away from the job or from training, quite frequently. Dr. Arnold has gone above and beyond to help me recover after a hard day of training or work. She genuinely cares about her patients and is extremely thorough. After going to see her for only a few months, she was able to take away tingling in my arm, neck pain, headaches, sciatic nerve pain, low back pain, shoulder pain, etc….the list goes on!! My body was a mess before going to see Dr. Arnold, and now I really do feel like a new woman! By keeping up with getting adjusted on a regular basis, I have been able to perform my job better than I ever had before. She and Andrea also introduced me to POWER STRIPS, which have given me so much relief when I need a little extra healing after a hard day. I put them on my sore joints and the heat that they produce lasts a few days! I’ve put them on my knees, shoulders, neck, and low back. It feels so wonderful! I will continue to go see Dr. Arnold for as long as possible. I’ve told many of my stunt colleagues about her and about her collaboration with the other doctors at progressive and many of them have become patients themselves. Dr. Rick’s acupuncture has helped me with injuries I had on my foot, and essentially blocked the pain that I was having with only a couple of sessions. The Prolozone Therapy has been a lifesaver as well. My knees haven’t felt this good and strong since I was a teenager! High five to all things progressive, and thanks for continuing to heal me! I can’t forget to mention Laura and the hard work she does back on the PEMF machine, which has also quickened my healing process after injuries. Thank you ALL!

Jessica Merideth

Went to you about back & stomach problems. Had several tests run by other doctors who could not tell me why I had so much stomach pain. Just a few test & you found out that I had a severe problem with soy & gluten. You gave me a diet plan to follow & my stomach problems have gone away plus I have lost 30 pounds which I really needed to lose. I am now in Prolozone therapy I hope I have as much success. Everyone there has been very nice & made me feel comfortable. I have to drive 2 hours to get there & so far it has been well worth the drive.

DeRay Fincher

I never thought I’d be able to run again

Almost five years ago, I was training for a marathon. On one of my 13 milers, my head started pounding. It hurt so bad that I cried the remaining half. I found out it had something to do with my neck. I went to another chiropractor & found relief, but whenever I’d run, it’d flare up again. For the past five years, I haven’t been able to run or jump.

Progressive Medical Center has helped me in SO many ways that I thought I’d go see Dr. Arnold to see if she could help my neck. I didn’t want to go the rest of my life not being able to run or jump.

After less than 3 months, my neck, back & head were dramatically better thanks to Dr. Arnold.

To say Dr. Arnold has changed my life may sound dramatic, but she truly has allowed me to do things I thought may never be possible. I’m running 2 times a week now & am up to 5 miles! Thanks Dr. Arnold!

Heidi Rew

I am a professional stuntman/actor. As a stuntman, i have to take care of my body similar to a professional athlete. Progressive Medical Center is the best at helping me do that in every way. From supplements to physical therapy to even proper dieting. The doctors are the most knowledgeable that i have encountered and as an establishment they care about every patient individually catering to their needs. I have had my share of chiropractors, but none compare to to Dr. Arnold. She has a thorough and unique approach that gets results. I utilize the chiropractic and physical medicine divisions the most. I would highly recommend Progressive Medical Center as the place to learn how to live and stay healthy.

Troy Faruk


All I can say is Progressive Medical Center is the most AMAZING place I’ve ever been. I was referred by a co-worker when I was having a lot of abdominal pain and the doctors kept putting me on pain medication. Within a month of detox and blood tests I found out what was wrong and have been pain free every since. Then I went to see Dr. Rick & Dr. Mike for my back, I wasn’t getting the relief they expected so they referred me to the Chiropractor, Dr. Arnold. Needless to say she has been just as amazing!! Having two bulging discs and a torn disc her therapy has kept me from getting additional epidurals to control the pain, I’m walking straighter, now I have more pain-free or low pain days than I did before. I still have more time left in my program and I can’t wait to see what’s next =) Last but not least, I must say that the staff there, from the front desk to the back door are AWESOME!!! They make you feel like you are a part of one big happy family =) Thank you all!!

Leticia A. Mathis

Progressive Hour of Power listener to patient

I’ve known about Progressive Medical for years. I have been into Integrative Medicine since I initially started reading Prevention Magazine in the 1970’s. I have followed Doctors Agolli and Burdette on their radio show on WGKA 920 am in Atlanta. I set up an initial visit due to a condition known as Recurrent Corneal Erosion, as my primary physician and my ophthalmologist could not get to the bottom of the problem. I was impressed with the initial visit and decided to go the full route with all the tests. I hope Progressive Medical will be able to find out what is going on in my body (metabolism) that is not allowing my body to totally heal. I initially referred a friend to Progressive Medical who had breast cancer. She had a lumpectomy done but decided not to have the chemotherapy and went with Progressive Medical. Over 5 years later she is alive and well with no recurrence of the cancer.

Arthur Greenberg

A wonderful atmosphere to be restored back to health

If you are looking for an alternative to standard medical treatment this is the place. Each staff person was very attentive during their visit with me. Exceptional service, a quality facility and a wonderful atmosphere to be restored back to health. I came into the facility “dragging my leg” and unable to put weight on my foot due to a tear in my tendon and two sprains in my right knee. After only one “pain management treatment”, I was able to walk out of the facility walking on my foot. Dr. Mike Gramazio is wonderful in administering pain management – he definitely has the “magic touch” (blessed hands). My visit and satisfaction with Progressive Medical is certainly deserving of not only five stars but ten!!!

Jackie Lamar

Treat the root cause of my condition and not just the symptoms

I enjoyed my visit to Progressive because I know that my doctors and I are working to treat the root cause of my condition and not just symptoms. The staff is always nice and I LOVE the uplifting music that is always playing. Such a refreshing doctor visit compared to when I have to go to other traditional providers.

Jenny Stevens

Progress at Progressive

I have been a patient at Progressive Medical Center for nearly a year. I heartily support their integrative approach to health, trust the quality of care I receive, feel heard by the physicians, and find the staff warm and friendly. Yet I am now able to report even better news! Within the past several weeks I have noticed that some administrative practices have been changed to enhance the patient experience. I am thrilled with the greater ease of communication with the office. I am also very impressed by Progressive’s willingness to self-examine and commitment to taking meaningful action.

Andrea M. Henry

I am starting to feel much better!

I decided to go the integrated route vs. a chemical pill from a traditional Dr. and halfway through my first 4 week detox and supplements, I am starting to feel much better!

I’m definitely noticing my sleep is better, I have a better attitude in the mornings and I’m falling asleep at my desk by 3pm! Now that’s awesome! 🙂

Everyone at PM is super nice and very helpful. I’m looking forward to my next visit and steps to get my back to a healthy me.

Because they are out my network through my insurance, I do have to pay by deductible which makes this a more expensive route for me but I would rather deal with the root cause instead of masking it with cheap pills.

“Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates

Thank you Progressive Medical!

Jeremy Johnston

This place knows what to do about chronic illness!

I’ve been feeling great since going to Progressive!

Progressive has literally changed my life. My family, friends and coworkers all see the difference. It’s been an amazing experience for me. This place knows what to do about chronic illness like no other place I’ve been. Thank you, Progressive.

Chelsey Wilkes

The treatment here (both medical and customer care) is AMAZING!

A deep look into your whole system! I was surprised with all the underlying issues I had that were causing some of my symptoms. Some issues detected in exams done for other reasons by other doctors’ offices but without a solution then. Without knowing, Progressive Medical detected issues in the same areas the other lab exams had identified, and more… this time with a clear picture of why it was happening! Now I can see and feel the progress as I undergo treatment.

The treatment here (both medical and the customer care) is AMAZING!

Enzo Silva

Professional and Compassionate Care

Professional and compassionate care are the words I choose to describe the attention and treatment that I receive from Dr. Melissa Arnold. She has the innate ability to sense what a patient needs and works to see that personalized care is provided. Andrea, too, sees to it that each patient receives TLC and is master at gentle massage. Both of these women have made a huge difference in increasing my quality of life while decreasing the pain and inflammation that had held me captive for years.

Ethel Wegner

The Care is an A+

I had come to Dr. Arnold for lower back pain. From the MRI screening I had lower bulging disc problems and some scoliosis.Starting out I was very apprehensive to the adjustments and decompression machine because of the pain.She assured me with a consistent care working slowly to not create to much stress or inflammation to the area. The care is an A+ with Dr. Arnold and Andrea Her assistant they are making me whole again.I went from a 9 in pain range not able to sleep at night to a 3 in a few short months.

Donna Nilson

Excited there’s a plan in place to get him better!

Dear Dr. Agolli and Carey,

I wanted to say THANKS to you both, as well as Dr. Matalone, Rick Abbott and Dr. Mike, etc for helping my husband Glenn! WOW!! You all went so above and beyond to get him in on such short notice! I was amazed at how much time you dedicated to him and very touched. Carey knows too well, it’s hard to see your hubby in pain. I’m so excited that there’s a plan in place to get him better! My sincerest gratitude to you and all of the doctors!

Taylor Scott

Extreme pain in my arthritic knee has been decreased by 85% – 90%!

I came in to see Dr. Melissa Arnold for pain in my knee. She suggested in addition to getting spinal and extremity adjustments to eat gluten free! I have been gluten free for 4+ weeks which has been much easier than I thought) and the extreme pain in my arthritic knee has been decreased by 85-90%! I’m so excited and I know I can live the rest of my life this way!

Julie Gardner

Dr. Melissa Arnold sets a new standard for patient care

Take a moment to consider the joy of walking up a flight of stairs in a youthlike manner. With the expert treatment I received, I can now do so without pain.

Dr. Arnold and her associate Andrea Waldman are an awesome wellness enhancing team. Both are not only highly skilled in their respective healing arts, but also have the added gift of being attentive and intuitive listeners. I count them daily among my blessings when I count the things for which I am grateful.

Multiple falls and spinal injuries from an auto accident many years ago had made walking a slow and painful process. A recent fall impacted both my earlier spinal injuries and added the misalignment of my tailbone to the list of challenges. Through Dr. Arnold’s care, my pain level and mobility has significantly improved. I am feeling better than I have since the accident in 1995

Terry Sullivan
TMS Consulting

Adjustments and Spinal Decompression got me moving again – AND pain FREE!

Dr Melissa Arnold is the consumate professional with technical expertise, intuitive patient care and concern and a dedication to results no matter what it takes. I have been practically debilitated and unable to walk and her chiropractic adjustment and spinal decompression therapy technique really got me moving again—AND pain FREE! I recommend all my friends to her with complete confidence that they will be genuinely and technically taken care of. I am very priviledged to know such a wonderful and GREAT chiropractor.

Illania Hofler

Dr.Arnold is on POINT!

I have been visiting Dr. Arnold for several years now via Progressive. Not only is she an awesome person but also an excellent chiropractor! I suffer extensive injuries from skateboarding on a regular basis and she is always able to set me “straight” if you will. Last week I was having problems with lack of confidence when approaching obstacles on and off my board and I came in to see her. She explained to me that my issues may lie in my Atlas. Upon an adjustment and proper relocating of my body back into alignment I automatically felt my confidence rise back to its normal peak. Thanks Dr. Arnold for all that you do!!! You are a blessing!!!


In 3 short months I was driving again!

Thank God for Progessive Medical! I had been to over 30 different doctors over the course of 2 years and was told by each that I either had nothing wrong with me, my ailments were all in my head or that they couldn’t do anything for me and I would live out the rest of my life in pain and confusion. My wife had heard about Progressive and decided to do the new patient tour without me (as I was bed ridden by this time) and returned home excited. I could tell from the first appointment with the doctor that this place was different from any other I had been to. They listened to what I had to say, looked me in the eye as I was talking, and didn’t rush me out so they could get to their next appointment. I was immediately given a treatment plan that was adjusted as my condition required. After 2 years of searching for an answer, I was given one by Progressive Medical! In 3 short months I was driving again! I continued to improve under their care and haven’t looked back since. This place is super comprehensive, so at first it does seem confusing because all that is going on inside one building. (Which is another great attribute. You don’t have to drive all over town to see different doctors and get different treatments.) I hate to think what my life would be like today if my wife hadn’t taken that patient tour and insisted I go. They gave my wife her husband back, my kids their father, and me my life!

Today I am experiencing NO BLADDER PAIN after 7 years.

Today I walked into the clinic with a smile on my face. This is a change from the grimace of pain I’d become accustomed to over the last seven years due to intermittent UTI’s and bladder infections. As a last resort before removal of my bladder, a friend suggested Progressive Medical Center. Thankfully!! After a one month protocol of supplements to improve my immune system and various treatments including I.V.’s and Ozone directly treating the bladder, I am experiencing NO BLADDER PAIN!! Progressive Medical Center provides the comprehensive assessments to treat the underlying issues to support full-spectrum healing. Thank you!!

Pamela Hulsey

My best days are yet to come

After my first visit, I spoke with my husband only to tell him that I know I’m in good hands with Progressive Medical center. Talking with Dr. Matalone about my medical problems he took time to listen and then he explained to me in medical terms the possible reasons behind my condition and diagnosis where I understood. I feel so good about the treatment plan that he has put in place that will help me get my life back. I have struggled with Hashimoto Hypothyroid, high blood pressure ect… for over 2ys. After going to medical doctors one after another I’m have not seen any changes or results. I have spent so much money in medical bills and prescriptions and I still feel the same. I was referred to Progressive Medical center and I really feel that it was the best decision I’ve made in reference to my health in 2yrs. The staff was extremely professional and very nice. I look forward to the Treatment and my journey to a healthier life. Thanks to Dr, Matalone, Susan and staff.

I recommend Progressive Medical for your Natural approached to Healing and a Healthier life!

Varina Doss

I thank God for Progressive Medical

I had been back and forth to these so-called professionals (Doctor’s) about my condition for years (5)., and the only feedback I ever received was that I had a case of ECZEMA., which is nothing more than an umbrella term for a (skin type condition). I had spent thousands of dollars on trips to the doctor and so called prescriptions that only put a band aid on the problem. Unfortunately, they never put a REAL resolution in place, just a temporary fix. Well, after 5 years of total turmoil and endless medications and steroids., my wife heard about Progressive Medical on the FISH 104.7, so with little money, but a aggravation level that was worth BILLIONS, I decided to make an appt., and so started my healing process. Progressive had a very comprehensive and dedicated staff that not only found some initial issue on DAY ONE, but they also had a program that would eventually CURE me of this so-called disease. Well, here it is a year later and you can say that I no longer have ECZEMA., and what I initially had ALL ALONG was called: LEAKY GUT SYNDROME–which no medical doctor would confess too. After a few diet changes WAHLAA!! problem solved…Its just very unfortunate that our Western medical system is actually designed to fail us. So I thank GOD for Progressive Medical.

Kevah Senior

Progressive Gave Me My LIFE Back!!

I battled hives, depression, fatigue, weight gain, and mood swings for approximately 7 years after the birth of my daughter. I searched for answers in conventional doctors, always telling them I felt there was a hormonal imbalance. Of course, they just gave me useless labels, and told me to eat less and move more. I heard about Progressive and knew they were going to be expensive since my insurance didn’t cover it (it ended up being about half the cost of what I was expecting….and worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY!!!). I was at the point where I had gained 16 lbs in 6 weeks on a salad and exercise diet and was falling asleep all the time, even when driving my kids to school. Dr. Bouquette immediately knew what was wrong with me (failing adrenals, low thyroid, imbalanced hormones). I cried and was so relieved that a doctor KNEW what was wrong with me and was going to HELP me!! I have been a patient of Progressive for about 4 years now. Cheryl Burdette has taken the time to listen and help me heal my adrenals, along with given me supplements for my thyroid and imbalanced hormones. EVERYONE wants to know what happened to me because I effortlessly lost 35 lbs in about 8 weeks (thank you PROGRESSIVE for fixing my thyroid and balancing my hormones which caused the much needed weight loss). I have lost a total of 50 pounds just trying to eat healthy – NO DIETS! My family is in awe of how much happier I am and shocked at my energy level in comparison to how bad it was before Progressive. Remember that natural healing is SUPERIOR and it takes time. Progressive worked with me to get me where I am today. I learned alongside them about my issues and how they work and asked lots of questions at every appointment. Progressive takes time and care with each of their patients. My daughter, sister, and dad are all patients at Progressive now, and they have been treated with care and respect as well. I will always be grateful for Progressive Medical Center and the healing that they are helping so many find. THANK YOU PROGRESSIVE!!! (btw, the profile photo is my before and after picture of the 8 week weight loss from the healing Progressive did)

Deana Graves

His stubborn acne that he suffered with for years is all but gone

A Mother’s Testimony

I had bad acne from the age of 18 through adulthood and in the early years had gone to dermatologists religiously for eight years. I asked in the beginning if my diet could be an issue and was told acne had nothing to do with diet. From the start I was constantly on antibiotics, one stronger than the next until I gave in and let them put me on Accutane. That had harsh noticeable side effects as well as spiking my liver enzymes but only cleared my skin for one summer, and then it was more antibiotics as I refused to be put on Accutane again. I had figured out early on that their ONLY concern was with clearing my skin. I knew they cared nothing about what the drugs were doing to the rest of my body. Finally I had enough and never went back.

When my daughter started having issues with acne, I tried over the counter stuff but I put off bringing her to the dermatologist out of fear they would just put her on drugs. Finally, as it worsened she begged me to take her. At her appointment I began by telling the doctor I wanted her helped as naturally as possible. We would do any diet changes he recommended as well as any natural supplements, etc. and only wanted to do drugs as a last resort but pleaded that he give the mildest ones possible. Once I finished my speech he told me she had large pores and oily skin and would always battle acne but he would help keep it under control. Then he said, “Here’s what we are going to do,” and proceeded to tell me they were going to put her on not one but two “strong” antibiotics. They would give it a month or two and if we did not see significant improvement, they would put her on Accutane and birth control. I never went back.

Soon after this my son started having issues with acne. Again, I tried prestigious over the counter things but it became apparent that his would be much worse than my daughter’s as it developed into bad cystic acne. My son also had asthma and was to the point of taking Albuterol and/or inhaled steroids daily. I was desperate to help their acne and his asthma. I went to a chiropractor who also did muscle testing and was learned in nutrition who had helped several people I knew. He changed all of our diets and put us on some supplements. My hormonal issues, migraines, and adult acne quickly improved greatly as did my daughter’s acne. My son was strict about following the diet and taking the supplements and showed some improvement with his asthma, but he only had slight improvement with the acne and then it got worse again. I finally gave in and allowed him to take an antibiotic used for acne (I confess, I had a nine month supply to use as a preventive for malaria for my daughter’s gap year that she ended up not taking with her. I researched and found it was most commonly used for acne and gave him the recommended dosage as it was touted as having little to no side effects. Ha, ha.) Again he showed some improvement at first but then it stopped.

His acne was still extremely bad. At this point the chiropractor firmly told me it was past time to take him to a dermatologist (he knew my fear of them). I cried. I did not want to take him to the one I had taken my daughter to and the other one in the network who was nearby had bad reviews on the internet. I decided if I was going to pay for it out of pocket I would take him where I wanted to and so looked into naturopaths etc.

At that time, I went to an event that had a Progressive Medical booth. I had already been thinking maybe that was our answer, and after talking to the girl at the booth was greatly encouraged that finally we would get help.

I was impressed from the start. The questionnaires were extremely thorough as was the physician at his first appointment. I was amazed as I learned things about my son I never knew or noticed, from sleep issues he never mentioned to his feet being almost flat, to his yellow soles- Dr. Bouquette’s precise questions and keen eye caught all kinds of things and he knew the meaning of them all. By the end of the check-up, Dr. Bouquette told me what he suspected and what he thought the tests would prove and he was right! I love my son’s pediatrician that he has seen since he was a tot and travel 50 minutes to him because he is that good. Yet Dr. Bouquette knew so much more about my son after one appointment. He told me at that first appointment that my son’s gut was a mess (my words) and that it was incapable of absorbing nutrients or eliminating waste properly. He also said he was sure we would find he had food allergies. The chiropractor had already had Ty off sugar and dairy, but Dr. Bouquette suspected he was also gluten intolerant and so had me take him off gluten too. He also immediately put him on a product to start healing the gut so that by the time all the tests came back they could start him on supplements. He asked me if Ty had been on antibiotics as a baby and I said yes several times to which he said that is probably when his issue started. I felt great relief at finally getting answers mixed with grief at all the wasted years he suffered and could have been helped. My son; who had no junk food, who took supplements daily, who was fed organic and natural food as much as possible… was malnourished!
Less than nine months later, he has been seen by two outstanding Progressive MDs, a sweet nutritionist, and an amazing and caring doctor of naturopathy who actually did researched to find the best solutions for my son. They all were wonderful at both listening to us and explaining things so we understood what was going on and why he was taking different supplements and what foods were good or bad for him. His stubborn acne that he suffered with for years is all but gone. His poor ravaged skin is now in the process of healing with the doctor’s help and it looks like it will heal beautifully. His asthma is better than ever and Dr. Cheryl Burdette is already talking about the next step in healing his lungs so that hopefully asthma will not be an issue at all. Last appointment, I cried again while talking to a doctor about my son, this time for joy.

I am so thankful now that I did not go the traditional route, the route that I was prodded, scolded and judged for not taking by well-meaning friends and family. Drugs, especially the harsh ones, may have helped his acne and breathing, but they would have never cured them and would have further destroyed his health.

One last thing worth mentioning, I keep running into acquaintances whose kids have issues that I know Progressive could help and I tell them our experience and encourage them to go. They are always interested but then seem to think they can’t because of the cost and I understand because I had been fearful it would be more than I could handle too. Funny thing is, they are all in a far better financial place than me, yet I only have a few hundred left to pay on my CARE card (the interest free medical credit card you can get through Progressive). It is a sacrifice but one well worth the making!!!! I honestly don’t regret one cent I have spent on his healing journey at Progressive. It was an answer to prayer and I only wish I had taken him sooner.

It really is progressive and I hope this blended medical approach to looking at the body as a whole and finding and curing the issues instead of giving drugs to stop symptoms from “your area” of expertise is the wave of the future.

Jean Enstrom

Jean Enstrom

Trust these people. Do what they say.

I love this place. I’m a RN and have personally seen and experienced the results of what traditional medicine does to us. I’m a critical care registered nurse and I know that so many illnesses can be prevented with just a little work on our part. Dr. Agolli and Dr. Matalone are awesome. I have thyroid issues that are finally more balanced. I’ve personally done the chelation treatments which I believe are helping tremendously. Is it an expense? Yes. But I believe it is an investment to better health. Trust these people. Do what they say. Give it some time for the process to work.

Georgiana Przybylek

I love you all for the great work you are doing.

Great news today! My thyroid antibodies are normal. I’m 62 years old and it is a first! I love you all for the great work you are doing. It took a while for my lab work to look this good. I encourage everybody to keep persevering. Thank you Dr. Agolli and dr. Matalone.

Georgiana Przybylek

Caring, won’t give up until they make you a “Better you”!

I have been going to Progressive for 2 years now and have managed to get my nutrition within normal levels which the normal medical community could not, found my many food and other allergies, found my heavy metal poisoning (Patti Matalone is in charge of the IV therapy room and they are all compassionate, caring people!) and have almost totally eliminated aluminum from my body-did get rid of the masses on my brain which were most likely aluminum-my father passed away from Alzheimer’s and they have found aluminum on the brain of autopsies of Alzheimer’s patients. Dr. Gez Agolli started me on Vinpocetine 2 years ago, an herbal supplement that has recently caught the medical world’s eyes due to the fact that it can prevent or at least slow the progression of Alzheimer’s! I do take after my father genetically; but with Progressive’s help maybe I can break the cycle and not get it as it does run in my family before my father too! Additionally, with the help of Dr. Frank Matalone, I have overcome my osteopenia and my bone density is now within normal limits-great news for someone with arthritis and cervical and lumbar nerve damage! PLUS, the prolozone shots with Matrix physical therapy (Dr. Mike G. handles physical therapy and other treatments) has cured my knee osteoarthritis which was bone on bone and I now can walk up stairs with NO PAIN! I do plan on continuing my treatments and follow up for years to come; but I won’t kid you-it does cost money for the supplements that you DO need to take to get your body back on track. I take way more than the normal patient and will continue to do so as they are the ONLY ones who could help me from my malnutrition due to failed gastric bypass. There are many patients who I have seen come, find their problems, do treatments and take supplements, detox, or many other very helpful things, get better and move on with their life! Any medical facility with state of the art technology and the latest helpful natural approaches can cost more than what insurance companies want to pay; but so many places are that way. The one thing that Progressive DOES do is for every new patient they do sit down and go through what your insurance will cover etc. right up front and after every appt. you actually “check out” with the billing dept so there shouldn’t be any surprises! There are more things I plan on doing there; but I do have to budget our money and time so I hope they don’t get tired of seeing me there!!

My advice is if you don’t feel right and the medical community hasn’t fully helped you, aren’t YOU WORTH taking care of so you can optimally enjoy the rest of your life?

Bonnie Sue Lewis

With Progressive Medical Center you’ll never feel better!

It took a long time for my co-worker JoAnn to convince me to make an appointment with Progressive Medical Center. I never liked going to the doctor and I’ve had some really bad experiences when I have gone. She finally lured me in by telling me about their new wellness exam. I honestly thought that when they got the results back, they would congratulate me for being so healthy. I exercise a lot, try to eat healthy, etc.

Instead, they discovered that I had a severe Thyroid problem! I thought I was tired all the time from getting up at 3:20am every day for the Morning Show. Now that my thyroid is being regulated with all-natural supplements, I have so much more energy.

I have learned so much about healthy living through Progressive Medical Center. I love knowing I’m now taking the supplements that my body needs, rather than just hoping I’m taking the right ones.
The Progressive Medical Center Pain Management Center has been life changing for me as well. I was training for a marathon when I developed hip pain. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to run any more. But Dr. Melissa Arnold not only helped me through the initial injury, but taught me how to do specific stretches and routines to avoid injury in the future. She has since helped me with other injuries from trail running, mountain biking and road cycling. I recommend her to anyone with an active lifestyle.

I love knowing that I have Progressive Medical Center in my life not just to help me be vibrant, age better, and feel better; but also that I have a team of doctors who care about me, that I can count on should any new medical need arise. I saw them a few years back for the common flu and thanks to their combination of traditional and integrative medicine, I was back on my feet long before family and friends.
It’s so easy to recommend Progressive Medical Center to Fish listeners, my family and friends, because I know they’ll be living their lives well, feeling their best!

Taylor Scott
Kevin & Taylor in the Morning
104.7 The Fish

Taylor Scott, 104.7 The Fish

Dr. Arnold helped change my overall health

Dr. Arnold helped change my overall health, not just through Chiropractic but with concern to my whole body. She assisted me with stretches to alleviate migraine headaches and used method’s that I have never gotten from a chiropractor before. I now live almost two hours from Dr. Arnold’s office and still drive to her for periodic check-up’s. It is well worth the trip.

April Farlow

I recommend Dr. Arnold wholeheartedly.

I was first referred to Dr. Melissa Arnold when I got in a car accident. While the car accident was not a major one, my body definitely felt jolted and sore. Dr. Arnold took me in immediately and within just a few visits I was back to normal. The pain dissipated without consequence. She is extremely gentle, thorough, thoughtful and effective. She has remained completely consistent with every appointment since my first visit. I recommend Dr. Arnold wholeheartedly.

Teresa Vanderlaan

I highly recommend Dr. Arnold to anyone seeking healing

Having been a bodyworker for twelve years, I have been exposed to many different chiropractors during that time. Dr. Melissa Arnold is by far one of the very best chiropractors and healers I have encountered. When she adjusts me, I feel that she is truly present with me, tuning into exactly what is going on in my particular body, and addressing what issues she finds with the greatest care, skill, and respect for me as her patient. Her adjustments themselves are painless, very specific and appropriate, and always have addressed not only the issue I came in with but my overall feelings of balance, clarity, energy, and wellness. I highly recommend Dr. Arnold to anyone seeking healing for a specific issue as well as those wanting greater overall health and vitality.

Kendra Williams

I ran my fastest 10k in three years within the first week of treatment at PMC!

As a triathlete, I am very good at ignoring pain when I am in the middle of a long run or grueling bike ride. However, I was at the point that I was living with major lower back pain all the time. When my vehicle was rear-ended, it aggravated a herniated disc that I had suffered a couple of years ago. I heard about Progressive Medical Center through my favorite radio station (104.7 the FISH). I was amazed at the swift recovery that I received from Progressive Medical Center under the care of Dr. Melissa Arnold. She was so knowledgeable of my injury and willing to take the time to listen to my concerns. I have tried chiropractic care before, but Dr. Arnold is in a class all by herself. She was able to pinpoint my misalignment and use several techniques specifically designed for herniated discs that had me more concerned about my cardiovascular shape rather than my back-pain. In fact, I ran my fastest 10k in three years within the first week of treatment at PMC! If you are tired of living with and managing the pain, give PMC a chance to eliminate it.

Thanks PMC and Dr. Arnold for helping me LIVE MY LIFE WELL!

AKA “Mightymouse”

Craig Collins

…my pain level has dropped from an 8 to a 4

I had been suffering from sciatica pain for 5 months when I went to Progressive Medical for help. I was taking 12 Advil per day and that was not taking the edge off anymore. I had pain down my leg and throbbing pain in my hip. One of the Doctors there suggested I should have an MRI done. After determining that I had a herniated disc at L5 and some other degenerating going on in other discs the Doctors at Progressive referred me to Dr Melissa Arnold. Right away she suggested that I try Decompression Therapy She let me know that my condition was very severe. I was willing to try anything to keep from having back surgery. After 6 visits going to her office 3 times a week I started noticing a big difference. I was able to sit through a church service without being in so much pain that I had to stand in the back of the church. I have continued to improve. Dr Arnold and her assistant have been there to support me the whole way by giving me exercises to strengthen my core and in the beginning to manage my pain with different therapies. I was recently able to sit through a play that my two girls were starring in and that was an amazing feeling. Now after 22 decompression sessions over 11 weeks with Dr. Arnold, my pain level has dropped from an 8 to a 4. I am not pain free yet but I’m committed to the process and so thankful for her support both physically and emotionally.

Sarah M.

After one visit, I knew I was in good hands.

My name is Michelle Simpson, I am 44 years old and have been a Dental Hygienist for 20 years and during this time I have been getting fairly regular care from chiropractors. I had ruptured my L5 disc in high school, when a friend pulled a chair from underneath me and I had surgery then in 1982. Since then I have been pain free and active, until June 26 2010, when out for a routine jog, I experienced immobilizing pain in my low back, I spent a day on ice and taking Ibuprofen, without any improvement.

I was familiar with that kind of pain and I was having flashbacks to my previous injury and scared I would be again facing surgery. I could hardly move or get in and out of bed alone. I tried a day or two of muscle relaxers, steroids, anti-inflammatory medications prescribed by my general physician and again found little to no relief.

I had one visit with Dr. Melissa Arnold, where she assessed, provided me with relief using adjustments, some flexion distraction and she introduced me to her Decompression Table. She explained everything so thoroughly and made me feel safe and hopeful. Those two things are priceless to a patient in pain.

The treatment was so beneficial and helpful. After one visit, I knew I was in good hands. I have thus far had 3 more visits with Dr. Arnold and am almost pain free. I no longer believe that I am surgery bound and believe her techniques and modalities and the use of her Decompression Table have offered me a different avenue of healing and recovery.

Michelle S

I am feeling much better.

Upon coming to PMC I was recovering from gallbladder surgery of 5 months earlier – I still had many issues from that surgery and gaining 10 lbs a month, other doctors told me there was nothing wrong. When I first came to PMC they conducted many exams, blood work, saliva tests, and hair tests. These tests showed I had metal toxicity – (lead and mercury) and that my digestive system was heavily compromised, and not to mention adrenals and high blood pressure.

Through many natural therapies and natural medications along with an organic diet, purified water and a mere peaceful lifestyle, I am feeling much better. The staff at PMC collectively has been most supportive in helping me be a healthy person again.

I was most impressed

I was most impressed by the fact that we have physicians that are Christian knowledgeable, and take time to listen, analyze, and provide customized care. The journey has been slow, but evident when I do my part (operative word – when).

The staff is great. Kris is the best! AKA “Jenny”. Dr. Agolli & Dr. Bouquette, along with Bryan, and many have been an intricate part of my total care. Now I’m taking personal training to complete my program.

Dana Austin

I am sparkling and energized. I feel great!

After suffering over seven years with chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia and other problems, I discovered Progressive Medical Center. The team of doctors did not give me a band aid to treat my symptoms. They worked together to find the cause of my ailments. Now that I am well, they have taught me how to maintain a healthy life. I am sparkling and energized. I feel great! I am glowing and sparkling once again…

Deborah Wuerslin

I was impressed by their approach

I was desperate when I came to Progressive. I saw the ad in the paper, did the little test and called.

I did not tell my husband was coming for an initial visit. My insurance did not cover the service. I wasn’t working at the time but really needed help.

I was impressed by their approach of seeking and treating the root cause and supporting the approach with visible lab results. I’m very pleased with the service. My husband was so impressed with my improvement that he changed our insurance the next year and became a patient himself.

Linda Hardiman