Hellen Pendley


Hellen Pendley

Hellen Pendley is a business and healthcare executive who specializes in strategies, harmonizing processes, people, and technology to take healthcare companies to the next level in growth and profitability.  She is a graduate of Western Governors University with a BA in IT security.  From establishing and evolving strategies and advancing staff competencies to optimizing finance, she leverages a holistic approach to organizational development to assist healthcare operations in maximizing services and to consider the whole person; physical, spiritual, and emotional to optimize health outcomes.   

Prior to becoming the CEO of Progressive Medical Center, Ms. Pendley held various executive positions including at hospital and ambulatory surgery centers, and served as Executive Vice President of a healthcare consulting firm servicing specialty healthcare facilities across the US. 

Ms. Pendley holds a MA in Biblical Studies and a Doctorate in Ministry (PhM) from Southwest Bible college and seminary.  She was the keynote speaker for the GA assembly of Women in Leadership and speaks internationally for various Christian organizations including Human Life International, which focuses on equal rights for women in underdeveloped countries.

Her interdisciplinary and compassionate approach to healthcare offers excellent support for the team of functional and integrative practitioners at Progressive Medical Center.