Mallory Howe, ND

Naturopathic Medicine located in Dunwoody, Atlanta, GA

About Mallory Howe, ND

Mallory Howe, ND is a graduate of National University of Health Sciences, a 4-year nationally recognized program accredited by the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME), where she received her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology and was inducted into the TriBeta National Biological Honors Society her freshman year for academic excellence.

Howe successfully completed her 1 year Medical Internship at NUHS Whole Health Center as well as an additional rotation at the Salvation Army Clinic of Chicago where she had hands on experience working with mental illness, pain, chronic fatigue/disability, and drug addiction. Post graduation, she continued an additional year of training in the Gold Coast of Chicago working alongside two of the most prominent Osteopathic Physicians in the Greater Illinois area, one of which is a member of the AMA and 63rd President of the American Academy of Osteopathy.

Howe enjoys hiking, drawing and painting, as well as being actively involved with the employee engagement committee to establish a positive workplace culture.
“Here at Progressive Medical Center, we give you a gift that is greater than healing. We truly change lives.”

Mallory Howe, ND is not a Medical Doctor and does not diagnose, prescribe, perform physical examinations, or order laboratory testing for clients in the State of Georgia. Mallory focuses on lifestyle modification, detoxification, and supplementation only. If you have any questions or concerns regarding medications or laboratory testing please make an appointment with your Primary Care Physician or a Progressive Medical MD, PA, or NP to co-manage your case.