Ever heard of a “Virtual” Facelift? Want the benefits of plastic surgery without the surgery?

Your answer: 

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) + Microneedling

PRP uses the power of your own platelets to tighten skin, regenerate damaged cells, and relieve pain.

It’s called the “virtual” facelift because we use PRP as the main ingredient. We draw your blood. We spin it through a centrifuge to separate the platelets from the plasma. We then enhance the platelets’ effectiveness with a special serum and mix it into a cream.

We can use this new mixture to tighten your skin instantly.  Hence the term “Facelift”

Because of the microneedling, this amazing cream gets immediately into deep layers of your skin through the thousands of microneedling punctures. This enables your body to rebuild the youth into your skin from the insides.

What else does PRP do?

It reverses the clock on aging. PRP has the ability to reinvigorate your cells and make them feel younger. Platelets are how your body carries oxygen throughout the body. Oxygen is what helps the body heal.

The science is clear: PRP is a treatment you can’t miss.

Ask how it can be used in conjunction with the Skin Pen for microneedling.

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