Lorena Williams, NP

 Lorena Williams is a nurse practitioner board certified by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners in family medicine. She received her Masters of Science in Nursing at Georgia State University.

Lorena has a vast experience ranging from bedside nursing to clinical instructor. Her experience includes being a board certified emergency room nurse at Piedmont Hospital for 5 years. She also has experience in plastic surgery working along the nation’s best craniofacial and cosmetic plastic surgeons. During her graduate studies, she was a graduate teacher assistant at Georgia State University. After completion of her Master’s degree, she stayed on board her Alma Mater as a Clinical Instructor for the undergraduate nursing students. Her nurse practitioner experience includes primary care, infectious disease and currently practices integrative and functional medicine in Atlanta, GA. Lorena is also an experienced facial injector working with platelet rich plasma (PRP). Lorena’s other training includes bioidentical hormone replacement, oxidative therapies, including joint injections.

As a nurse practitioner, Lorena enjoys getting to know her patients so that healing can take place in a holistic manner. She is a Colorado native who loves animals and the outdoors. She currently resides in downtown Atlanta with her husband. Past time activities include hiking, watching movies, gardening, and traveling. She is also a passionate Door Holder (volunteer) for Passion City Church in Atlanta, GA.