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Advanced Digestive Diagnostics

GET TESTED. KNOW THE WHOLE STORY. “After dealing with chronic digestive issues for over 10 years and trying numerous conventional medicine doctors, I decided enough was enough and made an appointment with Progressive Medical Center. You can’t have more thorough testing performed or [a] more […]

Wait! What About My Weight!

New Year’s has come and gone but those pounds you swore off have not. You’re not alone though- Americans gain up to 60% of their annual weight during the holidays!  Have you tried eating better and exercising more but your metabolism is not following suit? […]

Candida: Coffee Alternatives

A modified diet to eliminate Candida can be a strict protocol, forbidding sugar and many other carbohydrate-rich foods. However, dieters often complain that the hardest thing to give up is not the junk food, the fruit, or the alcohol. What many people have the most […]

Clinical Pearls

Clinical Pearls

One area of medicine that can not be taught, that is not in books, is the clinical experience of each clinician. Throughout years of practice, clinicians will find different ways to treat or tricks of the trade that serve as powerful tools in their arsenal […]