Bonnie Sue Lewis

I have been going to Progressive for 2 years now and have managed to get my nutrition within normal levels which the normal medical community could not, found my many food and other allergies, found my heavy metal poisoning and have almost totally eliminated aluminum from my body-did get rid of the masses on my brain which were most likely aluminum-my father passed away from Alzheimer’s and they have found aluminum on the brain of autopsies of Alzheimer’s patients. The doctor started me on Vinpocetine 2 years ago, an herbal supplement that has recently caught the medical world’s eyes due to the fact that it can prevent or at least slow the progression of Alzheimer’s! I do take after my father genetically; but with Progressive’s help maybe I can break the cycle and not get it as it does run in my family before my father too! Additionally, I have overcome my osteopenia and my bone density is now within normal limits-great news for someone with arthritis and cervical and lumbar nerve damage! PLUS, the prolozone shots with Matrix physical therapy has cured my knee osteoarthritis which was bone on bone and I now can walk up stairs with NO PAIN! I do plan on continuing my treatments and follow up for years to come; but I won’t kid you-it does cost money for the supplements that you DO need to take to get your body back on track. I take way more than the normal patient and will continue to do so as they are the ONLY ones who could help me from my malnutrition due to failed gastric bypass. There are many patients who I have seen come, find their problems, do treatments and take supplements, detox, or many other very helpful things, get better and move on with their life! Any medical facility with state of the art technology and the latest helpful natural approaches can cost more than what insurance companies want to pay; but so many places are that way. The one thing that Progressive DOES do is for every new patient they do sit down and go through what your insurance will cover etc. right up front and after every appt. you actually “check out” with the billing dept so there shouldn’t be any surprises! There are more things I plan on doing there; but I do have to budget our money and time so I hope they don’t get tired of seeing me there!!

My advice is if you don’t feel right and the medical community hasn’t fully helped you, aren’t YOU WORTH taking care of so you can optimally enjoy the rest of your life?