Varina Doss

After my first visit, I spoke with my husband only to tell him that I know I’m in good hands with Progressive Medical center. Talking with the doctors about my medical problems they took time to listen and then they explained to me in medical terms the possible reasons behind my condition and diagnosis where I understood. I feel so good about the treatment plan that he has put in place that will help me get my life back. I have struggled with Hashimoto Hypothyroid, high blood pressure ect… for over 2ys. After going to medical doctors one after another I’m have not seen any changes or results. I have spent so much money in medical bills and prescriptions and I still feel the same. I was referred to Progressive Medical center and I really feel that it was the best decision I’ve made in reference to my health in 2yrs. The staff was extremely professional and very nice. I look forward to the Treatment and my journey to a healthier life. Thanks to the Progressive Medical Center staff.

I recommend Progressive Medical for your Natural approached to Healing and a Healthier life!