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It took a long time for my co-worker JoAnn to convince me to make an appointment with Progressive Medical Center. I never liked going to the doctor and I’ve had some really bad experiences when I have gone. She finally lured me in by telling me about their new wellness exam. I honestly thought that when they got the results back, they would congratulate me for being so healthy. I exercise a lot, try to eat healthy, etc.

Instead, they discovered that I had a severe Thyroid problem! I thought I was tired all the time from getting up at 3:20am every day for the Morning Show. Now that my thyroid is being regulated with all-natural supplements, I have so much more energy.

I have learned so much about healthy living through Progressive Medical Center. I love knowing I’m now taking the supplements that my body needs, rather than just hoping I’m taking the right ones.

The Progressive Medical Center Pain Management Center has been life changing for me as well. I was training for a marathon when I developed hip pain. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to run any more. But the doctor not only helped me through the initial injury, but taught me how to do specific stretches and routines to avoid injury in the future. She has since helped me with other injuries from trail running, mountain biking and road cycling. I recommend her to anyone with an active lifestyle.

I love knowing that I have Progressive Medical Center in my life not just to help me be vibrant, age better, and feel better; but also that I have a team of doctors who care about me, that I can count on should any new medical need arise. I saw them a few years back for the common flu and thanks to their combination of traditional and integrative medicine, I was back on my feet long before family and friends.

It’s so easy to recommend Progressive Medical Center to Fish listeners, my family and friends, because I know they’ll be living their lives well, feeling their best!

Taylor Scott
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