The Aftermath of the War On Cancer

[:en]A diagnoses of cancer is scary, but not without hope. 85% of women diagnosed with a stage I breast cancer will survive the scare. However, what can we do to understand what was going on in our body to cause this and how do we prevent it from reoccurring.
The World Cancer Research Foundation says that as much of 70% of cancers are environmental. A path to prevention includes understanding what foods are right for you. Also, by detecting nutritional deficiencies we can optimize health and well being.
There are many natural ways to increase immune function, and improve a type of cell called a Natural Killer cell that naturally knows how to weed out cancer cells. There is an impressive connection between stress and and cancer occurrence. Many people are not even aware of the impact that stress is having on their system. By measuring the impact of stress you can map how important this is to your overall health program.
We are often told that there is not a known reason as to why a cancer could have occurred, but this is largely because we don’t look for one. By looking at the body from a nutritional point of view, measuring levels of toxicity, reducing inflammation and free radicals we can go a long way towards cancer prevention. There is life after cancer, and it doesn’t have to be one of fear and uncertainty. Much can be done that is highly researched to build a better stronger you.[:]

Written by Progressive Medical