Progressive Medical Center Therapies

We are pleased to offer you the most comprehensive set of specialty therapies in the Southeast, all at our main Center.  Each therapy is consciously designed to be non-invasive and natural, with the goal of helping nurture the body’s own healing mechanisms.

These specialty therapies are for our patients in the Atlanta area, as well as those who travel in to see us.

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Specialty Therapies

Why Progressive Specialty Therapies?

More Treatment Options

Progressive has the most comprehensive specialty therapies under one roof anywhere in the Southeast


We believe in finding alternatives to surgery when possible


More natural enhancements to help your body heal itself

More Impactful

Therapies such as Hyperbaric Oxygen have lessened recovery time by half in some of our patients

We have a wonderful set of specialty therapies waiting for you.

Departments for Specialty Therapies

Patients can reach out directly to our specialty departments and teams to schedule appointments! Here’s their contact information.

Physical Medicine Department

For performance, recovery, and pain & inflammation managment. 

Chiropractic adjustments, Hyperbaric Oxygen, Bio-matrix, Biomat, Lymph Drainage, Aspen Laser, Medical Wave Therapy, & PEMF sessions 

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IV Lounge

With a full suite of IV therapies, your doctor can recommend which ones are right for you. Call IV department directly to setup your session

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Anti-Aging Center

For Joint Support: Platelet Rich Injections, Prolozone, & Joint Injections

SPA facials, IV’s, and Nutrition therapies may also be part of your Anti-Aging program

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Offering a variety of Natural Anti-aging facials to rejuvinate your skin tone

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Hot / Cold Therapy

Scandinavians are on to something good. Our Far-Infrared Saunas bring heat and detoxification, while cold Cryotherapy stimulates the Vagus nerve and helps with pain


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Mental Health Medicine

Painless treatment for anxiety, addiction, depression, memory disorders, PTSD, ADD, autism, and more


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