Breast Wellness and Thermal Imaging

What is Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging?

What is Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI)? DITI is a FDA-registered diagnostic imaging technique that records the thermal patterns of the body.
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Physiological changes can occur within the body years before a tumor actually forms, and by tracking the body from an early stage, we can detect these disturbances and set forth a plan of defense to eliminate the problem before a person’s health is compromised and life put at risk.

The procedure is entirely non-invasive, affordable, painless and involves no radiation. Digital thermography has been used successfully and safely for over a decade to detect physiological disturbances such as:

  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • breast disease

and more. Digital thermography is a great alternative for patients who are looking for the very latest in early breast disease detection technology, and we offer it right here at Progressive Medical Center in Atlanta, Ga.

For questions about DITI or to schedule an appointment call: 1-770-676-6000 contact us we’re here to help!

Introducing Our New Service: SureTouch Breast Imaging

SureTouch is a revolutionary Tactile Breast Imaging (TBI) technology that is making tremendous strides in the early screening and detection of breast disease. As with any form of cancer, early detection is key, and here are a few of the reasons why SureTouch is pioneering a “new world” in breast imaging technology:

Painless and Radiation-Free Imaging

Unlike other forms of breast disease screening, SureTouch does not rely on potentially harmful x-rays, and offers complete comfort throughout the entire exam.

Imaging the Entire Breast

Did you know that over half of breast diseases develop in the upper outer quadrant of the breast? This area can be difficult to image with a mammogram, which is one of the many reasons we prefer SureTouch to mammograms and other traditional forms of breast imaging.

No Wait

Nothing is worse than having an exam, then waiting days, or even weeks for results. With SureTouch, results are instant, and everything is explained in detail throughout the entire process.

Simply put, digital breast imaging with SureTouch is a more effective way to detect breast disease at an early stage, as opposed to a traditional mammogram.

DITI for Breast Imaging and Early Detection:

The American Cancer Society panel admits mammography has limitations – some women who are screened will have false alarms, some cancers will be missed and some will undergo unnecessary treatment. Women, especially African American women, are increasingly developing breast disease in their thirties. The worst thing that can be done is nothing at all.

The physicians at Progressive Medical Center recommend that women begin receiving annual thermal imaging screenings around 28 years old to allow for a longer period with which to track any subtle changes in the breast tissue.

How does Thermal Imaging work?

“This is a test of physiology, not anatomy”, Dr. Gamba, NMD, explains. A tumor often grows for years before it is detected by a traditional mammogram. DITI screens the breast for disturbances and subtle physiological changes that accompany breast pathology like vascular feeds leading to a tumor in its earliest stages.

Dr. Gamba will perform the screening at Progressive Medical Center and an off-site M.D. who is board certified in thermography then examines the scans. If a disturbance is detected, Progressive physicians will lay out a lifestyle and nutrition or sometimes hormone and supplementation plan and continue to further monitor the breasts.

So What is the Next Step?

The key to successfully defeating breast cancer and breast disease is early detection. Give us a call today, or contact us here to schedule your thermal screening.