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Suffering this Spring? Beat the Georgia Pollen Blues!

Pollen causes runny nose, itchy eyes, secondary sinus infections, brain fog, and fatigue all of which drain you of the health and energy you need to enjoy this beautiful time of year! The good news is you can reduce allergy inflammation naturally without having to head to your nearest drug store!

By strengthening the digestive and immune systems, you can reduce your body’s reactions to harmless substances (such as pollen!). Ways you can naturally start taking your life back this Spring:

Delayed Food Sensitivity IgG Testing pinpoints your body’s aggravators such as wheat, dairy, soy, etc.
DETOXIFY: 7 Day Core Restore Detox Kit (reduces toxic burden and supports liver detoxification)
DETOXIFY AND RESTORE: Foundation Gut Enhancement (functional food designed to rebuild the gut, detoxify the liver, and provide nutritional support for the body’s anti-inflammatory mechanisms)
STAY HYDRATED: when we’re dehydrated, our body works to store the water we have in our system for vital functions which can cause the suppression of things like antibody production which is a major part of preventing allergies. Drink up!

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