What is Integrative Medicine?

Simply put, integrated medicine is just plain ole’ good medicine. Integrative medicine recognizes that there is strong research that supports the use of vitamins, minerals and other natural substances. Integrative medicine recognizes that these have a place in care as they often have lower side effects and can be achieved to reach changing health. If a natural therapy is less effective, then a more invasive therapy should be considered. Integrative medicine recognizes that if there are side effects to drugs that working with diet, nutrition and lifestyle changes is highly warranted.

Another important aspect of integrative medicine is recognizing that we are not stuck in place, waiting for a diagnosis. Integrative medicine realizes there is a process that happens years before the actual condition sets in. There may be a process of inflammation, or nutritional deficiency or toxicity and if we can assess this process not only can we prevent conditions, but we can treat conditions in a way that they may not progress and even regress. It is simple. If you change the environment in which the condition was created, you can often undo the process and you are now treating the cause not only the end result. Integrated medicine is simply put, good medicine.

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