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The Leading Integrative Medical Clinic in the Southeast for 20 years. 🏆🏥🌱🍑
This is your life...Live it well!
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Being human, we all experience ups and downs along the way. In the down times, it’s important to know that happiness will come again. In the happy times, it’s important to enjoy it!
If the down times last longer than expected, our bodies may need a boost that can help the mind. Through nutrition programs, lifestyle modifications, and specialized therapies like Hyperbaric Oxygen, saunas, and IV therapies, the body may recover more quickly. And return the body and mind to a happier healthier state!
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It’s often easier to eat the right things by focusing on how to get in all the good things your body needs (instead of focusing on what you’re not supposed to eat). #progressivemedicalcenter #avocados #spinach #coconut #beets #integrativemedicine #nutritionists #foodismedicine

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Nourish bowl for dinner! Consisting of purple sweet potato chips, cucumber, avocado, broccoli & baby spinach, topped with beetroot hummus, cashew cheese, sunflower sprouts & coconut flakes 🥑🥒🍠🌻
Balance. Homeostasis. Peace & Calm. Health. Well-being.
Many names for that important state when the body has what it needs so it can do what you need it to. When everything is working in consort. When the body is in harmony.
Find your balance. Find your harmony.
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Getting in your daily greens can be a critical part of dietary modifications 🥬To jumpstart this transition and to get those vital micronutrients and minerals, vegetable juicing can be hugely beneficial without spiking blood sugar (as long as the juice is without fruit juice sugars. Aka no apple). We are advocates of celery juice for many autoimmune conditions as it it helpful in cleaning out toxins and reducing inflammation. 
If you’re having trouble getting in 6-10 servings of greens a day like so many of us do, this might be the right option for you. 
Oh, and as always, use organic produce for your juice! 🥬 🥒🥬 🥦🥬 📷:@pressblendsqueeze
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Taking a whole person approach to healthcare makes all the difference. - Spending more time with you - Listening to your health concerns
- Getting to know you as a person
- Understanding “more than just labs”... your family, your lifestyle, your travel habits, if you have a puppy... real insights into whole person health!
- Being your support network
- Connecting you with others who can add to your support network
- Educating you and your family along the way
- Looking for short term solutions and long-term health benefits to prevent further illness
- Bringing you the best, natural & non-invasive health solutions available
- Personalizing every solution for what is best for you as an individual - Praying for you, if you’d like
- Being a family-in-health for you .
Why is this important? Because Progressive cares enough about you as our patient and health partner. Because we truly want to help you get to the root cause and find the absolute best health solutions for you. Because a team of caring providers can help you to live your best life. After all, our motto is “This is your life, Live it Well!” And we live that every day for our Progressive family. 
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75% of Autoimmune disorders affect women. And the overall number is on the rise. How in this day and age of medical know how is that possible?
The thing is, autoimmune disorders are not that obvious to those with them, at least to begin with. Many symptoms are subtle: dry skin, tiredness, apathy, light depression, fatigue, anxiety, or some stomach issues. “Nothing that seemed like too big of a deal” people often say.
That’s one reason it can take about five years to receive an official autoimmune diagnosis. 
The other reason is that many traditional doctors aren’t equipped to diagnose them! The average person goes to 6-10 doctors before autoimmunity is recognized as the problem. 
At Progressive, we know that autoimmune disorders almost always link back to a “leaky gut” problem. When the gut is inflamed and unhappy is particularly when the autoimmune system kicks into high gear 😧
It’s best to check for leaky gut and food sensitivities along the way, so small symptoms don’t become autoimmune disorders. And if they have, it’s so important to determine the cause, because they can often be treated with natural and effective therapies 🤔🤗
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Reset your mornings by resetting your body!
What if you could wake up easily in the morning after feeling like you just got in an excellent 8 hours of sleep? 
Sleep disorders can be caused by hormone imbalances (starting around 35 in women), low tryptophan, low melatonin, adrenal issues, and many other biologically driven causes that are simple to treat once they are properly diagnosed.
Test for better rest! @progressivemedicalcenter 
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When the body is in balance, the mind celebrates too!
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Fertility support at Progressive- we are here for you and your family to be!
At least 10% of couples have trouble conceiving.
Why? A few factors are at play. The average age of mothers is increasing. .
Concurrently, other health issues have also been increasing. Those most associated with fertility are:
1- Hormones, first and foremost
2- Toxins- dietary & environmental
3- Inflammation
4- Excess weight
5- Diet & proper nutrition 
6- Stress .
What can be done? Every couple’s situation is unique. The best place to start is to test... test hormone levels throughout the month, your thyroid function, toxicity levels, adrenal stress levels. And your partner too! This is the best place to start.
It is important to get the body back on track prior to attempting to get pregnant.
Progressive offers extensive testing for hormones, thyroid, adrenal stress, and toxicity.  In addition, we offer nutrition rich IV Therapy, fertility acupuncture, nutritional support, chiropractic alignment, IR sauna, supplementation, and anti-inflammatory treatments to ready the body for a healthy pregnancy.
Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment. We would be delighted to help you grow your family!
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Most health isn’t exactly visible on the outside....
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A powerful reminder that what you see on the outside could be completely different from what's happening on the inside. #iamwellandgood #mentalhealth
Food for thought 
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