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Alternatives to Bioidentical Hormones

Natural Hormone Therapy is a valuable area that can help many people. However, the most natural hormone is the one the body makes itself. The most natural hormone approach is not through outside sources, but by getting the body to do the job itself. While bioidentical hormones are game-changers for people, they are not the only answer.

Many concerns of menopause are not truly a lower level of hormones, but a higher level of stress on the body. This could be the number of free radicals, poor emotional health, or even an imbalance of adrenals and thyroid.

A true natural hormone strategy will involve a very detailed history and a complete work-up to see why the body is having problems in the first place. Many successful natural therapies such as botanicals like hops and maca can be used. Certain antioxidants can reduce hot flashes, brain fog, and insomnia all of which can be unmasked when hormones go down. Natural hormone health may be best achieved, sometimes with other methods other than just hormones. This show will focus on ways to optimize your body and build up your defenses against the wear and tear of hormone decline.