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About Progressive Medical Center

About The Practice

Progressive Medical Center proudly offers functional, integrative, and holistic medicine for the whole family. At the office in Atlanta, Georgia, Benjamin Johnston Sr., MD, and a team of skilled medical professionals have served more than 40,000 patients over the last two decades. They help each person achieve optimal health and wellness by targeting the root cause of their problems, not just their symptoms.

The team follows a patient-focused approach that identifies and treats all aspects of patients’ physical, mental, and emotional health. They create customized treatments that draw from many medical specialties and heal the whole person with natural therapies.

Though many patients seek help when their health doesn’t improve with conventional medications, functional and integrative care isn’t just a second choice. Progressive Medical Center is an innovative medical practice where patients receive care from a diverse staff of internists, pediatricians, emergency room physicians, gastroenterologists, naturopathic physicians, registered dietitians, and personal trainers.

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The Progressive Method

The Progressive Medical Center team wakes up every day with the goal of making a positive impact in each patient’s life. They passionately follow the Progressive Method, this three-step process:

  1. Create an in-depth personal profile obtained by talking with each person.
  2. Advanced diagnostic testing which goes beyond routine blood tests. They identify more than 100 biomarkers of health, evaluate gastrointestinal health, and run genetic testing that enables truly personalized care.
  3. Develop comprehensive solutions that use natural treatments such as nutritional counseling, bioidentical hormone balancing, IV therapy, and chiropractic care.

Why The Progressive Method Works


What makes the Progressive method special? Unlike many conventional clinics, we utilize root-cause medicine. This means that we look beyond the symptoms and tend not to break the body down into its constituent systems in a vacuum. Conventional medicine often relies on short, basic visits to determine what’s wrong, and if there are symptoms in one system of the body you are referred on to a specialist that deals with that bodily system. While this is sometimes needed, the problem with this philosophy as a general way to practice medicine is that it ignores the functional interconnectedness of bodily systems. For example, if you are feeling bouts of brain fog, a conventional clinic may take a cursory history and refer you to a neurologist, completely ignoring food allergies, the state of your gut, your neurotransmitter levels, oxidative stress markers, etc. All of these could be assessed in your primary care office, but typically aren’t. If they are, it’s only as a secondary or tertiary step after you’ve paid the bill from the neurologist and perhaps another specialist. If you start with a practice, like Progressive Medical Center, which looks at more comprehensive systemic interactions in your body, you are likely to have a more accurate diagnosis that finds the root cause of the problem, and which ultimately saves you money.

Our method allows success for another reason. The Progressive method focuses on personalized treatment plans that are collaborations with our patients. A conventional doctor’s appointment might last 15-20 minutes (if you are lucky), but Progressive Medical Center schedules enough time at your appointment to really have a conversation with your doctor. We listen to your personal health journey and are trained to discover points of importance that other clinics might miss due to the brevity of the appointment. We listen, we collaborate with you, and we consider your entire body and mind and how they work together. Combined with our extensive functional testing, this approach allows our team to come up with the best personalized treatment for you.

Patients receive compassionate care for the full scope of health problems facing people of all ages. As the Southeast’s leader in integrative and functional medicine, Progressive Medical Center believes that no two patients are the same, and each person needs a unique treatment protocol.

As a result, the team offers a vast array of treatments to customize care. A few examples of treatments include hyperbaric oxygen therapy, detoxification, cryotherapy, chelation therapy, biofeedback, far-infrared sauna, and BioMat® therapy. They also provide individualized dietary plans, exercise regimens, and nutritional supplements.

In addition to caring for all aspects of women’s health and men’s health, including their sexual health, the team treats health challenges ranging from depression and fibromyalgia to digestive disorders, thyroid disorders, diabetes, and prediabetes.

Progressive Medical Center specializes in pain management, headaches and migraines, and the diagnosis and treatment of complex autoimmune disorders. It also offers exceptional integrative programs for weight loss, anti-aging, and sleep disorders.

The Progressive Medical Center team listens, cares, tests, solves, and heals all physical and mental health challenges.

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“Great support center for those who prefer a holistic approach to their health. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and supportive.”

G. P.

“After visiting Progressive and following their treatments, I felt brand new and better than ever.”

Michael D.

“My experience as a chiropractic patient at Progressive has been amazing for my back health.”

Keanna A.

“Offering cutting edge integrative medicine for over 23 years. Well trained staff and leaders in functional medicine”

John S.

“Every physician, therapist, receptionist, nurse, and phlebotomist were kind, sympathetic, and professional!”

Melody G.

“I’m so grateful for their cutting edge technology, and helpful recommendations, I wouldn’t have gotten this critical info anywhere else!!”

Camille J.

“The people at Progressive are attentive, they care about you as a whole and the made feel as if my questions and the reason I went to them were very very important.”

Vilmar R.

“I recommend Progressive to anyone who wants to get to the root cause of their health challenges.”

A. G.

“The practitioners at Progressive Medical are extremely thorough and I felt heard for the first time in a very long time.”

Holistic H.

“Very grateful and appreciative I was recommended to this medical center and I’m looking forward to the positive results of our partnership to improve my health…”

Michael W.