Progressive Medical Center always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. Please read what others are saying about Progressive Medical Center below.
There’s not enough that I can say about Progressive Medical Center. My wife and I have been going to Progressive for the past 15 years. They are our only source for any health issues that we may have along the way. There medical doctors are amazingly helpful and knowledgeable on any health issues. We are grateful to have found them because we do not take prescription drugs and avoid them as much as is possible. 
We have not taken drug medications throughout our lives and intend to keep it that way.There natural approach and methods are more effective than any prescription drug. I would strongly recommend anyone who has not had much success with conventional medical approaches to at least see what Progressive can do for you. I hope that you have the same success as my wife and I continue to have.

Ed C. | Canton GA

5 stars! I couldn’t be more thankful for Progressive Medical Center. I had recent visits to improve my gut health, energy, recovery, skin care and sleep. After visiting Progressive and following their treatments, I felt brand new and better than ever. The staff in the store was extremely helpful and guided me to find the right products to help benefit and improve my overall health along with my treatments. Being a young adult male in my early 20’s with a strong athletic background growing up, I now feel like my best self mentally and physically because of my visits and treatments from Progressive Medical Center. 
After meeting with the dietitian and improving my diet, it has helped me improve my skin, sleep, brain power, strength, gut health and all other aspects of my body. Using the sauna and infrared light has been a tremendous help in recovering my body after intense workouts to build strength. Dr. Agolli and his team are extremely efficient, responsive and truly care about you like family. I highly recommend Progressive Medical Center.

Michael D.

Dr. Johnston is always focused on the patient’s wellbeing and puts me at ease. He is professional, positive, personable and caring. I always look forward to the office visit knowing he truly cares about his patients. He has guided me through my health journey and his knowledge of both conventional and natural medicine is priceless to me! Thank you Dr. Ben Johnston for being the best doctor I’ve known!

Wanda P.

Progressive Medical Center has literally saved my life. The doctors and staff there are like family, highly professional and one of the most advanced healthcare teams I’ve ever experienced. I continue to recommend people who need medical attention to visit PMC and work the program because they change lives, I’m living proof.

Danny V.

Progressive Medical is Phenomenal. I have been meeting with Dr. Marcia Williams and she is extraordinary. She goes above and beyond to ensure my health is the best. There is never any judgment if I did not lose any weight and she gives me the best advice to take care of my body. The supplements are excellent as well. I love knowing what my body needs and not what the latest fad diet is. If you want to get to the root of your health problem, contact progressive and meet with Dr. Marcia. Simply the best!

Jamila R.

I cannot say enough positive about Progressive Medical Center. I started seeing Dr. Borreson after I was exposed to high levels of mold. She has been able to help me get back to feeling better than I ever have. I am so thankful to have found them! They take the time to listen to what is going on and develop a game plan for your specific needs. Truly an answer to prayer!

Taylor B.

I am at this amazing place called Progressive Medical Center. These medical professionals are amazing! My plan is customized and she prayed for me. She told me things that will help me heal not sugar coat the symptoms. They are helping me with self pay, I dont have insurance. I am blessed and healed with Jesus and Progressive Medical because we have to do things in the natural!

Brenyatta B.

I’ve been a patient since 2012 and all I can say is that this type of medicine works. I Came in to get treated and they placed me on a protocol to help me get better. I followed all their instructions and slowly watched my body heal. The supplements i was placed on worked wonders for me. They knew what my body was needing. I can tell the physicians really want to see you better. The pain management department is amazing. I had neck and back pains and it healed up by being treated by this department. The Matrix and PEMF machine does wonders. They also used the laser treatment on my injuries and within minutes i felt better. I am so glad this place exists because it has changed my life for the better.

Vic D.

I’ve had issues since my teen years and went to doctor, after doctor, after doctor, with no help and “solutions” that always put me in the ER. Finally, I decided that I had enough with regular doctors who just cover up your symptoms and never actually heal the source. I found this group of doctors who actually know what they are doing. They do tests other doctors never even consider. And after a few months of tests and treatments, I not only have had answers to my health problems, but I haven’t felt this good in over 20 years. I’m am so grateful for these group of doctors for giving me my life back!

Menello K.

I am a holistic doctor myself and a consultant for customer service and case management for health care clinics across the country.  I have been in hundreds of clinics and this is the one I choose to help me with my own health challenges and the health of my family.  These are some of the most knowledgeable doctors in the country.  They are truly cutting edge and know their business.  I refer here as often as I can.

Tim O.