Are Your Food Allergies/Sensitivities Making You Fat?

Your digestive system may be making you fat.

It’s hard to believe—but very true. Bugs in your digestive tract upset your gut’s immune system, and how they just might be behind those extra pounds. The gut, the immune system, detoxification system, hormones, and more—are connected.

There’s powerful evidence that addressing these key causes of weight gain and illness can help you shed pounds. Food allergies contribute to systemic inflammation. We call it “Inflamabesity”

The big debate in medicine is which comes first: inflammation or obesity. I have always believed that we become inflamed first, and gain weight second—which makes us even more inflamed, perpetuating the cycle.

Now incredible new research confirms this. Tune into and listen to how to determine if your gut and food allergies are contributing to your extra weight.