Illustration showing brain power

Brain Boost; Power Up!

The brain is the master conductor of our body. If it is not functioning well, everything will be out of tune and lack synchronicity with the body around it.
The brain can be damaged from trauma, nutritional deficiencies, and even stress. Just like when we are injured in other areas of our body, we know that we must do physical therapy and strength training to fully regain functionality.
The same is true with the brain. If your brain has been under stress or trauma, you must do brain exercises to get it working right again.
Tools like brain mapping and biofeedback can be used to develop cognitive function. Just like an athlete trains a muscle, and eats a certain way to boost strength, there are foods and diets we can use to increase the strength of the pathways in our brain.
A healthy gut is highly connected to healthy brain health. Certain flora in our gut makes a compound called brain-derived neurotropic factor that helps our brain stay young, and build new pathways. A healthy brain requires the right level of hormones to stay sharp, and the right neurotransmitters to focus.
Antioxidants and markers of antioxidant health are associated with less depression, anxiety, and better memory.