Woman wearing pink ribbon to support preventing breast cancer

Breast Health Is Total Health!

Many questions are unanswered about who will get breast cancer and why. However, there are many well-researched facts that help with the prevention and overall health of the breast. Breast tissue is a sensitive type of tissue that is very responsive to stimuli from hormones to environmental toxicity.

There is little focus on breast cancer prevention, with much of our breast cancer awareness going to early detection. Early detection is hugely helpful and saves 1000s of lives, but it doesn’t mean prevention should be ignored. Understanding the unique nutritional need of breast tissue helps us to understand what nutrients are most important.

A diet high in sugar or worse high-fructose corn syrup is also hard on breast tissue. Did you know when JAMA tracked hundreds of women and scored them for breast cancer prevention, they found thyroid hormones to be some of the most preventative markers in terms of prevention of a recurrence of breast cancer?

By understanding how your gut, adrenals, and ovaries all work together to keep breast tissue healthy, we have new areas to look which gives us the ability to prevent breast cancer in more women and ultimately in more families. Let’s review how important things like self-examination are, and what you can do to augment prevention so that breast tissue health means whole woman health.