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Chronic Fatigue Relief!

The problem with chronic fatigue syndrome is inherent in its name. It is not a syndrome at all but a symptom that can have a number of causes. Standard of care seeks to label conditions or diagnose them. This is helpful, but not alone. Naming a symptom without addressing the cause will never result in remission! Remission and resolution can only happen when we understand not only the “what” but also the “why.”
Chronic fatigue can be caused by inflammation but from various causes such as infection or toxicity. Chronic fatigue can happen due to oxidative stress or free radicals that impact the mitochondria.
Chronic fatigue could be based in the Endocrine system and stem from low thyroid or adrenal function. Chronic fatigue could also be a deficiency in certain nutrients such as amino acids, CoQ 10, Ribose and more. Chronic fatigue must be carefully mapped to find the cause.
Until all of these areas are explored there is still hope for an answer to be done with fatigue and on to fit and healthy!