Man yawning with fatigue in office

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, A Life With No Drive!

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a debilitating condition in which the will for life is present, but the ability to follow that will is gone. It is an isolating condition in which one “looks” normal, or even has many blood tests that also “look” normal resulting in doctors telling patients, “You are fine, it’s all in your head.”

Almost as devastating as the condition is being told that there is nothing wrong with you and therefore nothing can be done. One of the problems with a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome is that it does not have one cause. In fact, there could be many reasons one could feel a level of fatigue that will not remit. It could be due to missed thyroid diagnosis, and given that the Journal of Endocrinology says standard testing for thyroid misses half the population, this can be quite likely.

Another area under-assessed for fatigue is adrenal function. Current definitions of adrenal disease do not include adrenals that are under-functioning. They have only recognized it if they are on complete shutdown. This is unfortunate for those suffering from fatigue because only having 10% function can create huge symptoms. This would be dismissed as a concern because there is still some functioning left.

Dysbiotic bacteria in the gut, measured by LPS have much research in terms of causation of chronic fatigue but are rarely measured, leaving the patient who is suffering from chronic fatigue with little to do in terms of treatment. The message that is given is that nothing can be done. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many reasons for fatigue, and most of them are often left unexamined.

Learn what questions to ask about your fatigue. When the right questions are asked, it is much easier to find answers. Do not accept an explanation that this is in your head. Do not be satisfied with anything less than a return to health and wellness. There is a reason, and therefore help and hope for those suffering from chronic fatigue.