Weight loss plan calendar with fruit and measuring tape

Weight Loss Fact, Fiction or Fad?

Ever read the same book your friend did about weight loss, tried it out and your results vary radically? Why is this? Its that each person is fundamentally different. This difference means that no two paths are the same for weight loss. In fact, leading researchers can even look at your genes to tell what type of exercise, diet, and other interventions will work for you.

It is time to abandon open-ended resolutions such as, “I am going to lose weight this year.”

  • How will you lose weight?
  • What will you do differently?
  • Why did your plan fail in the past?
  • Most importantly, why are you even gaining weight in the first place?

Without a specific answer to these questions, you are limiting your ability to succeed. Each time you try and fail the ability to lose weight seems more and more difficult, less and less attainable.

The era of calories in and calories out is over. If this worked, then 80s nutrition that offered fat-free empty calories would have worked. Instead, there has been an increase in the epidemic of weight gain.

The answer is not one more book. The answer is an individualization of your own metabolic needs. Don’t answer a warning sign in your body with a fad. Answer through a thoughtful medical history and individualized assessment that tells you where you are and what the correct pathway is for your body.