Diabetes testing and treatment devices

EP 24: What Is Diabetes?

In this episode, Dr. Agolli and Dr. Burdette start the first episode of the series on Diabetes:

  1. What is Diabetes?
  2. What is Diabesity?
  3. The increase in Diabetes in the United States.
  4. The impact Diabetes has on chronic diseases.
  5. Why younger individuals are getting Type II Diabetes.
  6. How Diabetes becomes a disease.
  7. Why Glucose is important for your body.
  8. How do you know if you have Diabetes?
  9. How you can tell if you’re susceptible to Pre-Diabetes.
  10. Can Diabetes be reversed?
  11. The negative impact sugar has on your brain.

Diabetes is an epidemic in the developed world, and it’s getting worse. More people are developing diabetes, and those that are developing the disease are getting younger and younger. More and more children are being seen with the disease, and the United States in particular is becoming a diabetic nation. Diabetes has always been seen as a disease of richer societies because at its root, it is a disease of diet. The more affluent the society, the richer the availability of calories. We also tend to trade time for wealth. The average person in the US works long hours and can sometimes turn to the convenience of prepared foods, or to meal replacements and caffeinated pick-me-ups that are loaded with sugars and carbs. At the same time, in our modern society, school and school activities occupy much of the day for our youth, and when at home, homework, tv, video games, and being online limit time for exercise.  More mindfulness is required to become and stay healthy in our modern era, and there is a growing gap between those who choose to stay healthy and those that give up.

The very first thing that you need to do to make health a priority is to arm yourself with knowledge. Listen to our podcast to get to the roots of the diabetes epidemic and plan for a better future for your family.