EP 32: Types of Fatigue

According to the Journal of Psychosomatic Research:

“Fatigue is a common reason for seeking medical care and a source of considerable economic burden [1], [2]. The prevalence of fatigue in the general population has been reported to range from 7% to 45% [see [1], [2]]; a recent study found that 38% of US workers reported being fatigued [2]. Adequate treatment of fatigue has proven challenging and it is often overlooked by healthcare providers due to its diagnostically non-specific nature [3]. Fatigue is a common pathological feature of various medical conditions including chronic heart disease, cancer, multiple sclerosis, chronic insomnia, and depression [4] and chronic fatigue syndrome [5].” (Junghaenel, et al, 2011)

In other words, many of us often feel fatigued, figuring out why is difficult and expensive, it’s bad not only for us but for national productivity, and there are many types of fatigue.  In this episode of our podcast we get to the bottom of the complexities of fatigue.

In the second episode of the series on Fatigue, Dr. Agolli and Dr. Burdette discuss:

  1. The different types of fatigue.
  2. What is chronic fatigue syndrome?
  3. What is adrenal fatigue?
  4. Why women have a higher extreme fatigue rate than men.
  5. What is muscle fatigue?
  6. What is emotional fatigue?
  7. Your thyroid and the impact it has on your fatigue.