EP 35: Types of Autoimmune Diseases

In the 35th episode of our podcast, and in the second episode on autoimmune diseases, Dr.  Gez Agolli and Dr. Cheryl Burdette discuss:

  1. The types of autoimmune diseases.
  2. What is Lupus?
  3. What is Hashimoto’s disease?
  4. How can they be treated?

Join us to hear more about this complex subject and how all autoimmune diseases can share some similar characteristics and origins. Having an autoimmune disease doesn’t have to make living impossible. Listen to ways to manage your autoimmune disease and how to improve your health in general. Autoimmune diseases, at base, are when your body’s immune system becomes overactive and begins to attack the body itself. Learn which conditions can be triggers for certain autoimmune diseases, how they progress, and how to both minimize the risks of developing one and what to do about it if you do,