EP 56: Treatments & Root Cause of Arthritis

More than 50 million adults and 300,000 children have some type of arthritis.

In this episode, we discuss the types of arthritis and the treatments for it.  Arthritis is a hidden disease that can creep up on you. Many people don’t realize that there are forms of arthritis that can develop even when you are a child. Arthritis can range from being merely uncomfortable to crippling. It can be an autoimmune disease that can indicate other conditions in the body that need to be addressed. Arthritis can progress with age and become much more difficult to live with as you get older.  Decisions and actions you take can help lessen the impact as you age, and even if your arthritis is advanced there are things that can help you live with the symptoms and help reduce the condition itself.

Those who are living with arthritis know how painful and debilitating it can be. What is arthritis? How does it get started? What are the different types of arthritis? Why do children get arthritis? How can I decrease my risk of getting arthritis? If I get arthritis, how do I know what type I have? What can I do to lessen the effects of my arthritis? How do I reverse it? What types of supplements should I be taking for my arthritis? What is an autoimmune disease? How does arthritis function as an autoimmune disease? How is treating autoimmune arthritis different from arthritis that is not? Listen to our podcast for an in-depth examination of this important subject.