EP 9: Fluoroquinolone Toxicity

In this week’s episode, Dr. Agolli addresses The Quinolone Vigilance Foundation, and their work to bring awareness to fluoroquinolone toxicity. He also speaks with Australian QVF Assistant Director Donna Schutz on her fiancée’s first experience with Progressive Medical Center and their successful treatment of his ill-advised fluoroquinolone prescription. Dr. Burdette closes the episode by shedding light on the biology behind quinolone toxicity, as well as specific treatments used by PMC to successfully treat it. The following questions are answered in episode 9:

  1. What is fluoroquinolone toxicity?
  2. Why do primary physicians prescribe them so frequently?
  3. What phrase encompasses their approach to treating routine ailments?
  4. What does the QVF believe should accompany every Quinolone prescription?
  5. Which three issues was Dr. Agolli taught to be concerned with when it came to Quinolone toxicity?
  6. What are the main kinds of fluoroquinolones?
  7. The 5 primary symptoms of fluoroquinolone toxicity
  8. What were Jeff Stephens symptoms when he first came to PMC?
  9. What improvements did Jeff see within a few months of treatment from Dr. Agolli and his staff?